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5 Best iPhone XR Alternatives In 2019

As you no doubt know already, Apple recently announced its new lineup for the iPhone — the iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max. This is an exciting release for Apple because they’re officially moving forward with the iPhone X-style smartphone, leaving the traditional iPhone 8 style in the past — that does mean

5 Best Earbuds Under $50 in 2019

Audiophiles would love everyone to believe that it’s impossible to enjoy music the way it was meant to be enjoyed without spending hundreds of dollars on expensive headphones or large speakers. In reality, you can enjoy great sound quality for under $50—all you need is the right pair of earbuds. In 2018, you can choose

5 Best Wireless Headphones For iPhone 7

Smartphones sound better than ever these days. Companies, like Apple, are constantly improving how their products sound, making it really easy to get your jam on with the press of a button. But, sometimes you’re not always in a place where you can just let your iPhone 7 play music, such as in a coffee

5 Best Screen Protectors For iPhone SE

Apple’s iPhone SE might have the smallest screen that Apple has put out in the modern world yet, giving folks who liked the smaller screen of the iPhone 5S an option. Still, the display looks beautiful, and it’s hardly one that you want to wreck or destroy on accident. If you put the phone in

5 Best Wireless Headphones For iPhone SE

Smartphones have improved in a lot of ways since they originally made a splash in the market back in 2007. One of those ways is in audio quality — back in the day, it was extremely distorted and didn’t sound super great. Now, we have phones that play audio as good as many high-end speakers

5 Best Video Stabilizing Gimbals For iPhone 7

One of the best things that has happened with smartphones is camera technology. Now, capturing a moment is simple as pulling out your phone, opening the Camera app, and taking a shot. No longer do you have to run to the store for a disposable camera for an upcoming event, trip or vacation — everything

5 Best Portable Power Bank Chargers For iPhone SE

The iPhone SE might have some good battery life, but depending on use, it’s very easy to be at the end of your battery life with no power outlet in sight. It’s really unfortunate, particularly when you need your phone for business reasons or to get in contact with family. This is why it’s so

5 Best Video Stabilizing Gimbals For iPhone SE

Smartphones have brought us a lot of neat technology, with one of the most important easily being the ability to film video and take photos with just a couple of taps. No longer is there much need for disposable cameras or even point and shoot cameras. Pull out your smartphone and take the photo or

5 Best MicroSD Memory Card For iPhone SE

One of the beautiful things that smartphones have brought to us is the ability to take pictures and videos in just a couple of taps — no longer do you need point and shoot or disposable cameras to take your photo and video. Now, that does come with a slight con — we take a

5 Best MicroSD Memory Card For iPhone 7

Are you running out of storage on your iPhone 7? It seems to happen so easily — after downloading apps and collecting endless amounts of photos and videos, it seems to go away so quickly. Apple gives you the option of expanding that with iCloud Drive, but having to pay for digital storage every year

5 Best Cameras for Vlogging in 2019

Every vlogger needs a camera, but picking the right one is not as easy as it may seem at first. There are many different styles of vlogging, and it’s important that you select a camera that fits your particular style and allows you to express yourself without any constraints. In this article, we feature 5