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9 Best 7 Inch Tablets in 2020

7-inch HD Android Tablet

There are plenty of tablets in the market today, especially budget ranged offerings that offer great value for the price you pay. But barring the iPad mini, Apple doesn’t have any tablets in the 7 or 8-inch segment. This is why Android budget tablets have dominated the market for quite some time now. Keeping this

5 Best Game Controllers For iPhone 11 Pro

The iPhone 11 Pro is a nice smartphone, and with the upgraded processor inside, you should be able to play games smoothly. This chipset can handle a lot going on at once, so you’ll have no problem with even many of the high-end games on the App Store. However, one area that can make things

5 Best AirPod Alternatives for iPhone

Don’t like how Apple’s new AirPods fit in your ear? Or maybe you were not impressed with the sound quality or even the battery life inside. Either way, there are still tons of excellent alternatives to the AirPod out there for the iPhone. If you’re looking for something more comfortable, or are looking for improvements

7 Best Bluetooth Headphones With Qi Wireless Charging Case

One of the downsides to standard wireless headphones is that once they run out of juice, you can’t use them until you charge them up again. That’s why we like Bluetooth headphones with Qi wireless charging case. These usually come with around four to five hours in the earbuds themselves, but with the charging case,

5 Best Google WiFi Alternative In 2020

Routers are going through a revolutionary stage, allowing routers to offer faster speeds and easier setup for those that aren’t familiar with networking and technology like this. The Google WiFi router made it easier than ever for the layman to set up their wireless connection, and with rapid speeds. However, not everyone wants Google taking

5 Best iPhone HDMI Adapter In 2020

Have you ever wanted to watch the content that’s on your iPhone on the big screen? Or. Maybe you wanted to use your iPhone as a presentation device, but with the ability to put your sliders on a larger screen? While there isn’t an HDMI port on the iPhone itself to do that, the iPhone

11 Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers for iPhone in 2020

Bluetooth speakers are available in abundance today and they come in all shapes and sizes. This can make getting the right speaker slightly confusing especially if you own an iPhone. Keeping this in mind, we’ve decided to talk about some of the best Bluetooth speakers we can find in the market today in the hope

9 Best iPhone Chargers That Won’t Break

Apple iPhone and iPad owners will know how easily their Apple lightning cables break with barely any use out of it. Keeping this in mind, it always makes sense to get third-party iPhone charging cables that can last longer while not compromising with regards to performance. But as users are probably aware, there are quite

Are AirPods Pro Waterproof?

Apple recently took the wraps off the AirPods Pro, a significantly upgraded version of the standard AirPods with active noise cancellation as well as easy access to Siri. The company is also including a feature called “Transparency Mode.” This allows users to listen to what’s happening in the background. This can be enabled from your

7 Best Bluetooth Adapter For PC In 2020

Most personal computers and laptops today come with Bluetooth built-in, but there are the very rare few that don’t. Or, you could be using an ancient computer, which doesn’t have Bluetooth functionality. You might think that you need to go out and buy a new PC for that reason alone, but as long as the

6 Best LTE Tablets In 2020

Cellular networks power our iPhones, but what about our tablets? Tablets generally aren’t; however, there are a lot of people that could use that cellular connectivity, whether for work or play on the go. That said since there aren’t a lot of tablets out there that provide you with LTE functionality, finding one that’s right