How To Cancel App Store Subscriptions on iPhone

Finding ways on how to cancel app store subscriptions on your iPhone? You’re in luck! Read further and find out more details about removing iPhone subscriptions on your iPhone App Store. 

In this world of technology where apps are dominating, it could be easy to get tricked and subscribe to something you might not need. That’s true if you found something offered as a free trial and forgot to end the subscription before the promo ends. It is actually a strategy by most app developers to entice the customers to use their app. 

There are apps that need payment before you can download them. Some apps would offer free download but to unlock other features, you must pay or subscribe to a certain service. It could either be a one time fee or a recurring charge. 

While it could be beneficial if you really need the app or you are using it for entertainment purposes. However, there are cases that you might find it unnecessary to keep those App Store subscriptions or not practical at all. There’s no need to worry, you can actually stop those app store subscriptions on your iPhone. 

With the details below, you’ll find the step-by-step process on how to end those subscriptions on your App Store.

Cancel your App Store subscriptions directly on iPhone

Time Needed : 05 minutes

The easiest way to cancel those App Store subscriptions is accessing it straight from your iPhone. Just follow these steps:

  1. Access Settings from the Home screen.

    settings cancel app store subscriptions

  2. Click on your Apple ID: [name] at the top portion.

    apple id cancel app store subscriptions

  3. Tap on Subscriptions.

    cancel app store subscriptions

  4. Look for the subscription that you want to cancel. Tap on Cancel Subscription and select Confirm to acknowledge the cancellation. 

    iphone cancel app store subscriptions

    cpnfirm cancel app store subscriptions

    Though you’re cancelling the subscription, there are tendencies that you can still use the time left for the current subscription on that app. You can also perform the same steps if you have an iPad and wish to end those app subscriptions using it. 

  • iOS 13.3
  • iPhone

Other ways to cancel subscriptions on iPhone App Store

If you want, you can also cancel app subscriptions using a Mac computer. Just launch the App Store. Look for the menu bar then access Store > View My Account, then sign in. Look for the Manage option next to the subscription section. Select Edit next to the app subscription that you wish to cancel. Click on Cancel Subscription and then confirm. 

And that covers everything that you’ll need to know on how to cancel app subscriptions on your iPhone. I hope that you find this article interesting. If so, don’t forget to spread the word. Thank you.