How To Connect A Bluetooth Mouse To Your MacBook

Pairing or connecting a third-party Bluetooth mouse to your MacBook is a straightforward process, which you can do in less than a minute. And yes, any third-party Bluetooth mouse will work flawlessly with your Mac. 

While Apple offers its own Magic Mouse for its devices, you should still be able to connect any Bluetooth accessory. In fact, you can pair your MacBook with up to 4 Bluetooth devices at once. 

In this post, we will guide you on how to connect a Bluetooth Mouse to a MacBook. Here’s what you need to do: 

Connecting Bluetooth Mouse To MacBook

First off, make sure that Bluetooth is enabled on your MacBook, and that it’s not connected to any Bluetooth device, just to make sure the pairing will be smooth. 

So open System Preferences, and click Bluetooth. On this screen, you will see immediately if Bluetooth is enabled or not, and if it’s connected with other devices.

Assuming that your Mac is ready to pair, turn on your Bluetooth Mouse and put it in pairing mode. You’ll know if it’s in pairing mode if its indicator is flashing blue light fast. 

Once the Bluetooth mouse is in pairing mode, your MacBook should be able to detect it immediately. When ready, click Connect to finally pair both devices. 

The pairing will be quick and you should be able to use your Bluetooth mouse after that. 

Some Bluetooth mice may enter stand-by mode when not in use and disconnect from your Mac. But don’t worry, as they will reconnect on their own once you start using them. 

And that’s how to easily connect a Bluetooth Mouse to your MacBook. We hope that this simple tutorial can help. 

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