How to Block All Cookies in iPhone 14 Safari

This post will walk you through preventing websites and other online entities from putting cookies on your iPhone 14 every time you browse the internet using the Safari browser app. Here’s a quick guide to block all cookies in iPhone 14 Safari browser.

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Time Needed : 3 minutes

Cookies are small internet files that are placed on your device when you visit a website. The main use of these files is for the website to remember your information the next time you visit it.  While most of these cookies are harmless, there are some that are intentionally created to exploit personal information and they’re more difficult for users to detect.

The iOS 16 Safari browser allows you to block these cookies if you’re concerned about your personal information being exploited by online entities. All you have to do is configure the Safari browser settings. And here’s how it’s done on the iPhone 14 series.

  1. Whenever you’re ready, navigate to your iPhone’s Home screen then tap Settings.

    iphone14 safari single tab browsing1

    Doing so will launch the iOS settings app menu with all inbuilt features and system services.

  2. While in the Settings menu, scroll to find Safari and then tap on it to continue.

    iphone14 safari single tab browsing2

    The Safari app settings menu will load up next. Here, you will see different browser settings and options you can use and manage.

  3. Navigate to the Privacy & Security section then find Block All Cookies from the given items. Once found, tap to turn on the switch next to it.

    block all cookies iphone14 safari3

    A pop-up window will appear.

  4. Read and review the pop-up message then tap Block All to confirm.

    block all cookies iphone14 safari4

    All types of cookies are now barred from residing in to your iPhone’s browsing system.

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What happens when you block cookies on your iPhone?

If you enable the option to Block All Cookies in Safari on your iPhone 14, there’s a good chance that you won’t be able to sign in to a website even when using your correct username and password. 

Access to certain webpages or site contents may likewise not be possible especially if these sites require you to accept cookies. Some website features and services may also not work as intended.

Other ways to ensure safe browsing

Aside from blocking cookies, you can also use a third-party content blocker or extension to let Safari block cookies, images, resources, pop-ups and other relevant content.

Plenty of these content blockers are available for free download through the App Store. All you have to do is download and install  your preferred third-party content blocker app on your iPhone.

  • Once you’ve got your desired content blocker installed, go to your iPhone Settings-> Safari-> Extensions menu then tap to turn on a listed content blocker.

Apple allows you to use multiple content blockers on your iPhone simultaneously.

And that’s how you blocked all types of cookies on the iPhone 14 Safari browser.

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