BlackBerry Looking to Be Leader in Mobile Computing in the Future, Says Thorsten Heins

BlackBerry Mobile Computing LeaderBlackBerry sales in the United Kingdom have been encouraging according to Chief Executive Thorsten Heins. And almost a week after launching their new platform, Heins is already thinking about the future, saying that the company is looking to be the leader in mobile computing.

BlackBerry devices made waves before because of the unique innovation implemented by the company, but they were overshadowed by the growing demands for faster devices such as tablets and laptops. Although many experts are already counting them out, the company reiterated that they will explore new territories to reclaim their lost glory.

After launching their new platform and two BlackBerry 10 devices last week, Heins was quoted as saying: “This isn’t just about smartphones and tablets. The architecture we have built is true mobile computing architecture. It’s not a downgraded PC operating system. It is a whole new innovation built from scratch. It’s built for mobile.”

In a statement on Tuesday during a talk at the Empire Club of Canada, Heins pointed out that the company is already exploring a new territory, saying that the BlackBerry 10 devices are not just simple devices, but whole new mobile computing platforms.

BlackBerry 10 is viewed a make-or-break development for the company, who also changed their name from Research In Motion to BlackBerry. Despite the encouraging signs during its first week in the UK market, experts believe that the company should really make their name in creating next-generation computing platform to keep in step with their rival companies.

Talking about the challenge, BlackBerry marketing head Frank Boulben reiterated: “The vision is going to start to materialize this year. You will be able to plug the device into a docking station at the office and then all you need is a keyboard, a mouse and a screen. Combined with cloud services this would mean you don’t need a laptop or a desktop.”

During last week’s RIM event, Heins did not talk about the company’s plan when it comes to releasing new tablets after getting undesirable results with BlackBerry Playbook before, but the BlackBerry chief hinted that he already asked his team to create a new tablet.

[Source: Reuters]