BItTorrent is working on a new Dropbox-like service

BigTorrent Sync

We are all aware of BitTorrent. We all have downloaded torrents and other files from the service. But lately, a lot of countries have banned the use of torrents and even shutting down torrent sharing web sites. So the companies which excelled in the P2P sharing technology are looking for other ways of staying in the business. BitTorrent is one such company which is venturing other options, to be exact, an online file syncing service.

The BitTorrent Sync service is a service just like Dropbox. You upload all your files to the BitTorrent service and then install the app you want on all your machines. The files you upload from one computer get synced on all the other machines that you have set up for this. The company says there will no cloud buffering.

The company has not yet released the service. It has now entered the pre-Alpha testing, and it is actually looking for pre-Alpha testers. So if you want to try this service out, you can try to sign up here.

The service was announced by the company on its blog with a blog post, and the blog post was not really rich with details. But we do know that the file transfer will be protected via a 256 AES encryption. And since the service will probably allow syncing of big files, there are native apps for Mac OS, Windows, and Linux.

But there has been no official mention of mobile apps for the service. Although, if you look closely at the screenshot provided by the company, you can see a mobile icon. This could mean that the smart phone and tablet syncing options will come, but not just yet.

The advantage that BitTorrent may get over other competitive services like Google, Dropbox, SugarSync, Amazon, and others is that there is already a big user base of BitTorrent services. So if the company can make only a fraction of its users to try out Sync, it stands a very good chance.

Source: GigaOm

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