4 Best Washington DC Subway Map App For iPhone

The Washington DC area is known for its ridiculous traffic. With many commuting in for work in surrounding states, it isn’t unheard of that a commute could take two to three hours, or more depending on some different variables. That said, many folks have opted to use Washington DC’s rapid transit system instead, offering a much quicker commute around the area. It can cut down on your commuting time, and get you where you need to be on time, especially if you plan ahead with a Subway Map app.

Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to access information in regards to the subway routes, especially when it comes to finding estimated arrival times, but as it seems with everything, there’s an app for that! If you follow along below, we’ll show you the best options for navigating the Washington DC mass transit system.

Best Washington DC Subway Map App For iPhone


1. Washington DC Metro Route Map

And coming in as our first contender, we have the aptly named Washington DC Metro Route Map app, which decidedly sits in fifth place. This one has an interactive map that you can navigate through within the app, allowing you to even get specific information on individual rail lines across Washington DC. Since it pulls in real time data, you’ll also get things like estimated arrival and wait times, as well as service information on the rails and bus lines.

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2. DC Metro and Bus

In third place, we have the DC Metro and Buss app. This one is first and foremost an excellent bus and subway planner for planning your routes across the insanely busy Washington DC metro system. You’ll get instant access to all sorts of Subway Map lines across Washington DC and surrounding area, but also bus routes, too. Not only that, but the app pulls real-time data, giving you real time status information on individual subway lines. Since it pulls real time data, you can view the Service Status of many stations without even opening the app! In addition, there are some offline features here, and you can even see real time data without opening the app — just swipe left on your iPhone’s home screen.

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3. Citymapper

Decidedly in second place, we’re looking at Citymapper. A personal favorite, Citymapper is a versatile applications with a beautiful user interface that is easy to navigate. Citymapper will show you information for transit across Washington DC, as well as the surrounding metro area.  Citymapper has all the usual transit features like bus, subway and train routes and real time departure and arrival times as well. There’s even ridesharing features for bikes, mopeds, and scooters. Citymapper is constantly updated, so you’ll always have all of the latest transit information at your fingertips. Citymapper is quite versatile, allowing you to choose from the list of cities that it supports. Undoubtedly this is one of the best DC Metro app you can get.

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4. Transit

Transit might be the application that we’re visiting last up on our list, but it comes in at first place on our top five picks. Transit is without a doubt an essential that should be on any smartphone, not only because of the versatility of working in most major cities, but it’s clean user interface. Transit is similar to Citymapper in a lot of ways — primarily in design — you get a premium and top user experience with a modern graphical user interface. That said, the actual highlight to Transit is its versatility — Transit supports many more cities across the world, such as in the Asian regions, whereas Citymapper does not.

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Best Washington DC Subway Map App For iPhone Verdict

There are a ton of different applications available for helping you best navigate the Washington DC metro system. Any one of these will put you in touch with necessary Subway Map apps, as well as general transit and route planning information. Transit and Citymapper are, however, easily some of the most excellent options available today.

Do you have a favorite transit application for iPhone? Let us know what it is in the comments section below!