5 Best Video Editor Apps for iPhone

Smartphones have made point-and-shoot cameras obsolete several years ago, and they’re now doing the same to compact camcorders. The iPhone can capture 4K video that surprises with its clarity, colors, and well-balanced exposition. After all, entire shows and documentaries have been shot using the iPhone.  But what about video editing? Is it necessary to use the same elaborate editing software that professionals use? Not at all! Perhaps the best thing about using the iPhone to capture video is the ability to easily edit the recorded footage directly on the iPhone using excellent Video Editor Apps for iPhone.

Best Video Editor Apps for iPhone


1. iMovie

iMovie is Apple’s official video editor for macOS and iOS, and just like all apps that come bundled with Apple computers and mobile devices, iMovie is deceptively powerful and ridiculously simple.

When used on the iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPad Air 2, and iPad Pro, iMovie supports 4K video editing, and all newer models of the iPhone and the iPad support project sharing with AirDrop, allowing you to finish editing on your Mac computer.

To help you create beautiful movies, iMovie comes with several customizable video templates as well as a host of transition effects, video filters, and music. Just pick a template that inspires you, drag and drop clips into iMovie, and, once you’re done editing, export and share your finished movie.

Download it now: here


2. Videoshop

Videoshop is a one-stop-shop for all your video editing needs. Use the app to rearrange, cut, or trim your footage, add music and sound effects, select from many available video effects and enhancements, add text and animated titles, record voice overs, and share your work on social media sites directly from the app.

This 5-star app costs $1.99 and works with iOS 8.0 or later. Videoshop is the work of one man, Joseph Riquelme, a University of California graduate with a BS in Electrical Engineering, and a minor in Technology Management. Joseph is doing a remarkable job supporting the app with regular updates that patch bugs and introduce new features.

Download it now: here


3. Splice

Developed by Go Pro, Splice is a versatile video editor app for iOS, capable of editing videos captured with both your Go Pro and iPhone. Like other video editor apps, Splice can rearrange video footage, add filters, effects, and music, but it also has a few killer features that make it really stand out.

One of them is the ability to automatically synchronize the edited video to the beat of your music. Splice gives you access to a huge library of free songs, but you can also import your own from iTunes. Just pick a song, give the app a handful of video clips to work with, and see what it comes up with.

Download it now: here


4. Quik

Quick is another video editor from Go Pro. This time, the auto sync feature is the whole app. The point of Quick is to produce beautiful videos with just a few clicks but with all the effects and enhancements that users can’t live without.

You can add up to 200 photos and video clips and select which moments you’d like Quick to highlight. The app comes with 26 video styles to choose from, but you’re also free to make the video unique by adjusting he font, filters, and graphics for any video style. When you’re finished with editing, you can export the result as 1080p or 720p video in 60 frames per second.


5. Magisto

Magistro is an automatic video editor app that trades customizability and features for simplicity and results. To produce beautiful videos, you just feed Magistro your footage, choose an editing style, and let Magistro do its magic.

The app uses patent-pending image analysis technology capable of identifying the most interesting parts of video clips, recognizing faces, animals, and landscapes, and using the gathered information to produce share-worthy videos. The apps 5-star rating and over 80 million satisfied users tell us that the technology works.

Download it now: here