5 Best Strategy Games On iOS

Perhaps you have dreams of creating the city of your dreams, maybe you fantasize about the idea of governing an ancient Roman village with an iron scepter, or maybe you wish to use your problem solving abilities and sleuthful skills to escape from a locked room in a medieval castle. In any of these scenarios, or countless others, a strategy game may be exactly what you were looking for. In this article, we will look into five of these games currently available on iOS devices. We will attempt to explore a variety of games, so there should be something here that will best fit your interests.

Best Strategy Games on iOS


1. Rise of Civilizations

In this game, you will utilize all of your leadership abilities and strategies in an effort to establish a civilization and lead your army on a quest to conquer the world. Along the way, you will be tasked with fighting real-time battles alongside your friends or against your rivals, exploring unique worlds, moving your troops from one location to another, and forging alliances which will help you and others on your respective journeys to world domination. With nearly infinite possibilities for how you choose to develop your civilization, this game is ideal for those looking to courageously lead their people into battle.

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2. Castle Breakout

With Castle Breakout, your role is to act as a security expert who needs to ensure that the castle is as secure as possible. In doing so, you will need to test the security system by locating clues and solving challenging puzzles in a quest to escape from a series of rooms within the walls of the castle. This game features wonderful 3-D graphics that will make you feel like you can reach out and grab the objects on your screen. Since completing one puzzle leads you to another, the gameplay here is extremely addicting. Put yourself to the challenging of making your escape from this medieval castle.


3. Sim City BuildIt

Hello mayor, and welcome to your own town. Be the hero of your metropolis by building up the city skyline, attracting new businesses, improving the power grid, and bringing the city to life. Sim City BuildIt is a reimagined and improved version of the Sim City game, a long time favorite for budding entrepreneurs and strategic planners of all ages. As mayor of your city, you will be tasked with developing parks, establishing new landmarks, building factories (try to limit the smog), and so much more. Like any city, you will face real challenges like traffic, crime, and pollution. Are you up to the task of managing these issues? Get Sim City BuildIt and put yourself to the test.

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4. Bid Wars: Storage Auctions

Thanks to the wonder that is reality TV, people are now enthralled with the concept of paying money to buy a locked storage unit that is full to the brim with someone else’s belongings. Will the unit you purchase be full of trash? Will you track down an antique treasure worth thousands of dollars? It could go either way, and that is what makes this game so great. Outbid your opponents, collect hundreds of various items, profit from the sale of various relics, and become the greatest storage unit bidder there ever was! You never know what you might find behind that door.

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5. BitLife — Life Simulator

If your own life does not include enough stress and difficult decisions to keep you busy throughout the day, there is now an app that can simulate life and ask you to make those decisions in the digital world as well! As much as this may sound stressful, this game is actually a great deal of fun and has been praised by many reviewers. This game is great because all of the decision-making power is in your hands. You can choose to live an upright life, find your soulmate, have kids, and work at your dream job. Or, you could choose to live a life of crime, join a prison gang, and live an overall deplorable life. This game is great because all of these decisions are entirely up to you.

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Best Strategy Games on iOS Verdict

Regardless of which game you decide to try, each of these will test your decision-making abilities in one way or another. From comical misadventure to epic conquest of nations, there are a wide variety of strategy games for however you are feeling. You cannot go wrong with any of the games on this list, so pick one and give it a try!