7 Best Speedometer Apps for iPhone in 2024

If you own a vehicle, you know they can have issues at times. Whether you have a car from the 1950’s, or a brand new one from this year, I think we can all agree on one thing: cars have their quirks. Some are able to be fixed, and with others, you may just need to throw in the towel and get a new car. But in the meantime, we’ve put together a handy list of what we think are the best speedometer apps for iPhone for this year.

A fairly common issue in many vehicles is a broken or faulty speedometer. Whether the light in it is broken, inhibiting you from seeing it clearly at night, or the speedometer itself is broken, this is something you should get checked out immediately, and if possible, fixed to ensure you’re staying in compliance with any local laws.

Best Speedometer Apps for iPhone

Speedometer Apps for iPhone

1. Speed Tracker

Speed Tracker not only keeps track of your current speed, but also your location on the map, so you can always be aware of your speed, and where you’re at, which is extremely helpful if you’re traveling somewhere you’ve never been before.

If you’ve ever wondered how long it takes you to get to a specific place, Speed Tracker has integration with a timer designed to track how long it takes to get from point A to point B. It also tracks things like heading and elevation, and saves your trips so you can share them with friends and family on social media if that’s something you’re interested in.

It’s an awesome way to catalog each of your road trips and vacations, and a lot simpler than scrapbooking (although who doesn’t love looking through Mom’s old scrapbooks?). Either way, Speed Tracker is an great digital speedometer for whatever the need may be.

Download it now: here

Speedometer Apps for iPhone

2. Speedometer + HUD

This app uses your screen’s brightness to display an HUD on your windshield when night driving, making it super easy to know what speed you’re going anytime of night, without having to take your eyes off the road.

Speedometer + HUD is free for a limited time, so make sure to check it out in the App Store and download it free of charge while you still can. This speedometer features a simple, smooth interface that isn’t clunky, making it more sleek than most other speedometer apps on the market.

Speedometer + HUD also lets you track your speed in kph or mph, so no matter how you like to read your speed, this app has you covered. And similar to SpeedGlow Speedometer, you Speedometer + HUD allows you to set up a personal speed limit alarm that will go off if you surpass what you’ve set.

Download it now: here

Speedometer Apps for iPhone

3. Speedometer Speed Box

Speedometer Speed Box features a beautiful and intuitive design, that has not only a speedometer but also an odometer, so you can see how far you’ve traveled. This app allows you to utilize knots, kph, and mph, so it’s ready for whatever activity you need it for.

Speedometer Speed Box also supports both portrait and landscape mode, so you can set it up on your dashboard however you like to display it, and see whatever you need to. Taking a trip? Input where you’re going, and it will always display how far you have left to go, which may be helpful for you personally, but also a fun way to get your kids excited about your destination.

Download it now: here

Speedometer Apps for iPhone

4. Speedometer Simple

Speedometer Simple is a simple and straightforward option. Open up the the speedometer app, and you can start tracking your speed instantly.

This one in particular comes with large fonts for easy-to-read numbers. It supports mph, km/h, and knots speed display. Optionally, city name a compass can be shows on the screen. You also get a nice distance traveled feature.

There are also average and maximum speeds displayed in an optional screen that you can turn on and off, too. You can also customize this speedometer to your liking, allowing you to change the interface color to one of the pre-selected colors.

Download it now: here

Speedometer Apps for iPhone

5. Speedometer 55

Speedometer 55 does much of the same as the rest on our countdown. However, this one does have a couple of extra features that make it pretty helpful. For example, you can setup a preset speed limit, and when you go over that, the large digits change color from green to red. On top of that, the device emits a loud sound to alert you. It’s a great way to avoid speeding tickets!

This speedometer app also shows your current location, so you can easily share via SMS, email, or your choice of messaging app.

Download it now: here

Speedometer Apps for iPhone

6. SpeedGlow Speedometer

SpeedGlow Speedometer works especially well for night driving, so if your speedometer doesn’t glow this one is great because it will actually use your phone to reflect your speed on the windshield if set up properly on your dashboard.

This app features more than five color variations and lets you set up a speed limit, so when you hit that mark it will play an alarm to let you know you’re going to fast. If you are taking a road trip where you’ll be driving for long periods of time, but your real speedometer works just fine, this may be helpful to ensure you don’t start slacking at the wheel.

While most speedometer apps are more than 10% off to your actual speed, most of them don’t go through all required calibrations. SpeedGlow Speedometer, however, has completed these required calibrations and uses more than thirty satellites to ensure they are as possible to your real-time speed.

Download it now: here

Speedometer Apps for iPhone

7. Speed Speak Talking Speedometer

Looking for a speedometer app that lets you know how fast you’re going without distracting you from the road? You’re in luck, because Speed Speak Talking Speedometer Apps for iPhone has got you covered, featuring text-to-speech technology, designed to let you know exactly how fast you’re going all the time!

This app also has several speed calculations such as knots, kmh, and of course your mph, so whether you’re driving, boating, or just like to see how fast you’re going, this app has you covered!

Speed Speak also features multiple voice accents from the US, AU, and UK so you can choose what type of voice you’d prefer to listen to.

Speed Speak also lets you decide whether you want it to tell you how fast you’re going every couple minutes, or at every 5 mile increase or decrease so you can make sure you’re always staying under the speed limit, without it being annoying.

Download it now: here

Best Speedometer Apps for iPhone Verdict

While there are plenty of speedometer apps for iPhone available in the App Store, these are just a few of our favorites. And as you probably noticed, your speedometer doesn’t necessarily have to be broken or faulty to make use of a great speedometer apps. Any of the apps listed here today would make awesome accompaniments to your real, fully-functioning speedometer.

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