5 Best Photo Editor Apps For iPhone

The iPhone comes with a new and upgraded camera. It takes better shots than the iPhone before it, but even so, you may want to use a photo editor to do some magic and make that picture pop. But with so many photo editor apps for iPhone options out there today, what do you even use? There are a lot of excellent choices, and with iOS 13, the iPhone’s photo editing prowess has gotten even better than before. So, if you follow along with us below, we’ll show you the best options that you can pick up for the iPhone today. Let’s dive right in.

Best Photo Editor Apps For iPhone


1. Instagram

Instagram is naturally going to be anyone’s first choice. Instagram has been able to position itself as an excellent social and photo editing platform hybrid. It has a lot of unique content where you can share photos to your page, discover new content, see what your friends are up to, or even to follow fan accounts.

But on top of that, Instagram has a great suite of photo editing tools, including saturation adjustments, filters, cropping, rotation, and more. Take a photo with Instagram, or pick one out of your gallery. From there, Instagram opens up its suite of editing tools to help you craft the perfect photo.

If you want, you can create photos for only your Close Friends as well. So long as you’ve created a Close Friends list, you can share intimate moments with all of your best friends, and here your more public moments with the public. Or, lock your account down so you can hand-pick who follows you. Then, you can use Instagram’s built-in functions to edit your photo and, finally, share it with your Instagram page or Story

Download it now: here


2. Pixlr

Pixlr is your standard photo editor app . We love this one because there’s no social media platform here. It’s just a straight-up photo editor. And you don’t necessarily have to purchase the premium version — Pixlr has a ton of free tools and effects that you can use. So much so that there are a whole two million combinations that you can edit your photos with.

One of the things that we like in Pixlr is the error correction features. Errors are pretty common in photos, but Pixlr can take care of that. You can remove blemishes, red-eye, and even whiten teeth with simple, easy-to-use tools.

Pixlr is another choice that allows you to create collages as well.

Download it now: here


3. Adobe Photoshop Express

Enter Adobe Photoshop Express. You’ve heard of Photoshop before. Everyone has. And now, there’s a mobile version: Photoshop Express.

Adobe Photoshop Express comes up third on our countdown. Adobe is at least one brand that you’ll recognize because of its prowess in the creative industry, offering products for photo editing, video editing, and so much more. Even though Adobe Photoshop Express doesn’t work to the extent of the desktop-suite, it does have a great mobile suite of tools.

One of our favorite features is where you can create a photo collage in just a few seconds, essentially like your own TimeHop or a sort-of memory board. It has all of the essential photo functions that you would expect out of a photo editor, as well as a ton of easy-to-use Adobe features.

One thing that we like about Photoshop Express is the tons of different file formats supported, too. So, you can easily manipulate photos taken with your phone, as well as any photos from DSLRs and other photos.

Download it now: here



VSCO, the app that brought us the popular term “VSCO Girl,” is another excellent choice for editing photos and videos alike. If you haven’t heard of VSCO before, you’ve probably been living under a rock! This one, like Instagram, is very much a cross between a social media platform, as well as a photo editing tool. Combining both, VSCO itself says that this is a place where you can express yourself by making beautiful photos and videos. And with the suite of free tools they have available, you can do just that.

With the free version, you can edit with up to ten VSCO presets, use basic editing tools like Contrast, Saturation, and Grain, and you’ll even be able to explore community photos for some inspiration. They have a subscription or premium model as well, which opens up a suite of other features, too.

Download it now: here

5. Photo Editor (iOS 13)

The last option up on our countdown isn’t necessarily an app at all. It’s the photo editor built right into iOS. In previous versions of the operating system, the built-in photo editor has been relatively poor with few tools; however, in iOS 13, the built-in photo editor got a massive facelift. So, if you want, you don’t even have to download a third-party photo editor — you can use the iOS-sponsored option!

Photo Editor in iOS 13 has so many different features and options. You can make so many adjustments, all with features like Definition, Saturation, Noise Reduction, Black Point, Highlights, and so many more. In addition to those adjustments,  you can add filters, frames, adjust orientation, and so much more.

It’s quite easy to use, even if it is a little hidden. To access your built-in photo editor, open up your Gallery, select a photo that you want to edit, and then hit the Edit button in the top-right screen.

Best Photo Editor Apps For iPhone Verdict

These are easily the five best photo editor apps for the iPhone. We’re personal fans of the built-in editor, especially after the major overhaul it received in iOS 13. There are new tools that you can use, and it’s so easy to access. It’s hidden but is easily accessible through the Photos app.

As you can see, there are a lot of excellent photo editor apps that you can use with the iPhone. Our favorite option is already built into iOS 13. Apple’s built-in photo editing used to be rough around the edges, but with the upgrade to iOS 13, it’s been renovated with a bunch of new and improved tools. You can’t go wrong, but if you still want to use a third-party, you cannot go wrong with Instagram or even VSCO.

Instagram has an excellent toolset for photo editing, but VSCO has some of the best options. Both are mostly the same means to the end you’re after.

What’s your favorite photo editing app for the iPhone?