5 Best Passport Photo App For iPhone XS

One of the crazy things about passport photos is just how much they You can get your passport photo taken, and it takes the attendant at Walgreens or another store just a second to wrap up. Seems like an absurd price right? That’s because it is, but luckily, there’s a way that you can cut costs, and that’s through using a passport photo app with your iPhone XS. With a passport photo app, you take the photo, make all of the necessary edits yourself, crop it to your country’s regulation for sizing, and then take it to the store to have it printed for just a couple of cents — all you’re paying for here is essentially the material used.

Sounds great, right? But, what passport photo apps are your best option for making this possible? If you follow along below, we’ll show you our top picks.

Best Passport Photo Apps For iPhone XS


1. ID Photo Maker

First on our list is ID Photo Maker. As you might imagine, most of these apps are all similar to each other, but they have a couple of features that do make then unique. The neat thing about this app is that the passport and visa photos you take should meet the requirements of both United States and European Union guidelines. We really like ID Photo Maker because you can skip the photo studio and do everything straight from this application. You can edit white balance, brightness, contrast, and even edit the background.

Of course, there are some folks that don’t want to edit the passport or visa photo themselves. That said, the app has some built-in tools to auto-edit your passport and visa photos, and they should still meet government criteria this way.

Download it now: iTunes


2. Passport Photo Booth

Passport Photo Booth, as you can imagine, helps you take the passport or visa photo that you need, with all of the government requirements met. You can skip the photo studio and save yourself plenty of cash this way. As you might imagine, Passport Photo Booth guides you through the whole process; however, one of the unique aspects of this one is that you can actually have your prints shipped to you. It costs $6, which is still less than what you pay at the photo studio. However, you can still save a few bucks by running to the store with your photo file and having it print off — that’ll only cost you a couple of cents.

Download it now: iTunes


3. Passport Photo ID Studio

Passport Photo ID Studio might be last up on our list, but this is another great option for those looking to skip the photo studio and take their passport of visa photo at home. As you can imagine, this one does the same thing as the others on this list, though there are options for ordering your prints through this app, too.

Download it now: iTunes


4. Passport ID Photo Maker Studio

First up, we’re looking at an app called Passport ID Photo Maker Studio. Download this app to your iPhone XS and you’ll be able to make your passport or visa photo in just a couple of seconds. This app will allow you to take it or crop it in the correct photo sizing for your country, so you won’t have to worry about it being denied during the actual application process.

The neat thing about this app is how much work it takes out of the process — you can get it all setup yourself and then you can just print it. You can even take it to Walgreens or Office Depot and have it printed for the few cents that they charge — all you’re paying for this way is essentially the material.

Download it now: here


5. ID Photo Print

ID Photo print is another excellent application for taking your passport and visa photos — just like the others, you can easily take your photo with this passport app and use all of the necessary tools to meet your government’s criteria. One of the unique aspects about ID Photo Print is that it takes you step-by-step through the entire process. It’ll show you what you need to do to make your passport or visa photo meet the requirements set forth.

Once you’re done and have your photo completed, all you have to do is take the file to the store and have it printed off. This way, all you’re doing is essentially paying for the materials used to print your photo.

Download it now: here

Best Passport Photo App For iPhone XS Verdict

Don’t want to go to the photo studio to have your passport and/or visa prints taken? Don’t want to pay those outrageous prices? Then you’ll definitely want to download one of these passport photo apps to your iPhone XS and have your passport photo done at home.