8 Best Parental Control Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2023

Mobile technology has evolved a great deal. With phones today used by practically everyone, including kids, it’s become quite a concern to parents. This is where the best parental control apps for iPhone and iPad features come in handy. These features are built into iPhones by default, but there are third-party options in the App Store that can help you get a comprehensive look at your kids’ movements using nothing but your iPhone or iPad.

We’re going to talk about some of the best parental control apps available for the iPhone and iPad today. Most of these apps are free but may require in-app purchases to unlock additional features. So let’s have a look at our list.

Best Parental Control Apps for iPhone and iPad


1. Parental Control App by unGlue

This offering by unGlue comes with extensive parental control options, including the ability to restrict social media content, videos, as well as games. You can also ask your children to help out with more chores around the house, which can earn them extra screen time. This can also be alternated with physical exercises like running, swimming, or playing a sport, helping your child remain active and not always hooked onto their phones. What’s noteworthy about unGlue is the fact that it can work across a range of devices including Smart TVs or laptops.

You can designate shared family devices (like a family iPad) to ease restrictions on devices used by everyone in the house. Parents will receive a comprehensive usage report at the end of each day, giving you a good idea of what your kids are looking for online. The app can block adult and pornographic websites by default. This is a cross-platform app, which means you can also set up restrictions on your child’s Android smartphone or tablet. unGlue is a free download on the iTunes App Store and includes in-app purchases.

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2. SaferKid Text Monitoring App

This app is built-around combatting the menace of online bullying. It can help create a safe environment for your kids online by limiting screen time and also going through their texts and call history (only on Android). You can also choose to ease restrictions on your children as they get older, making this a highly versatile offering. There are expert tips and guides on how to talk to your children about problems like sexting, bullying, as well as online adult content. Further, the app also provides comprehensive ratings and reviews for over 200,000 apps, letting parents know if they’re safe to be used.

This app has been developed with extensive research and inputs from Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force. A feature known as Parental Superpowers helps you block access to apps on your kids’ phones after lights out. This is a membership service priced at $14.99 per month, although you can cancel it anytime. The app is free to download for the iPhone and iPad.

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3. Netsanity: Parental Controls

This works like pretty much any other parental controls app and includes an AppBlocker that can automatically block access to a wide range of flagged or adult apps. There’s a screen-time scheduling feature as well here, allowing your kids to focus on studying for tests or engaging in physical activity like sports rather than spending all day on their mobile devices. You can have your own “Digital Timeout” set as a parent, which can be enabled within a few seconds from your iPhone or iPad.

Further, this app also helps you block access to the camera, downloads, and even screenshots. The app also has a streaming VPN feature that allows your kids to use streaming apps like Netflix without being exposed to adult content. The app doesn’t appear to have location monitoring features, however. Be sure to check out this free app from the App Store.

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4. FamiSafe

This app offers everything to concerned parents. This includes live location monitoring as well as a comprehensive look at your child’s online activity, including details like web history as well as social media activity. If you find that your kid is hooked to one particular app on their phone, you can quickly block access to that particular app. The app also allows you to connect to your kids’ YouTube accounts to know if they’ve subscribed to or searched for something inappropriate.

Each time a suspicious photo is downloaded on your kid’s phone, the app will automatically notify the parent of this activity, thus helping them take necessary steps before they’re exposed to more inappropriate content. FamiSafe is free to download for the iPhone and iPad. There are in-app purchases here which will unlock additional features.

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5. Net Nanny Parental Control App

Another best parental control apps for iPhone and iPad. This app allows you to get a bird’s eye view of your child’s online and physical presence by giving you live tracking features to find your children on the map at any given time. You can also receive instant alerts on your kids’ internet searches and also their app usage patterns that can help you understand what further steps to take. You can also choose to instantly turn off the internet on your kids’ phones using nothing but this app on your iPhone and iPad, which can be greatly helpful.

The makers of Net Nanny claim that its algorithms check what the child is viewing in real-time and then quickly make an assessment on the site or app’s safety. Parents are quickly notified when their child is trying to access a harmful website or even an app so that they can take necessary action immediately. Net Nanny can also help find lost phones by retracing its last known locations on the map. As with pretty much every parental control app out there, Net Nanny is free to download but includes in-app purchases.

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6. Safe Family

This app allows parents to get full control over their kids’ phone behaviors, including the ability to restrict online content that may be considered harmful for kids. This app can also help limit their screen time while also letting parents find their kids on a map using GPS and live tracking features. Parents can immediately block apps on their kids’ phones that are considered inappropriate.

At the end of the day, parents can also get comprehensive reports on the child’s phone usage details. Geofencing features offer the ability to get instant notifications when your child has arrived or left a predetermined location such as home or school. It is also possible with this app to restrict data usage for your kids, thus offering extensive control over your kids’ phones as well as their online world. This app is free to download on the App Store but requires an in-app purchase to offer all the features. Be sure to check it out.

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7. Parental Control App by Kidslox

This app provides extensive controls at the hands of parents to closely monitor their phone usage and quickly make changes if they find something suspicious. This app allows parents to block inappropriate apps, restrict internet access, and filter web content to ensure your kids aren’t exposed to inappropriate content. All its features work just as advertised, while there’s also the ability to track your kids’ locations using a live tracking map.

This app also comes with a unique Kidslox PIN that kids cannot change or access if the parents choose to. Much like the app we talked about above, this app also lets you know when your child has left or arrived at a certain place. A feature like this can help you know if your child has left school or arrived home. There are a total of three modes that parents can access here – ‘Parent mode,’ Child mode,’ and a ‘Lockdown mode’ which adds a lot of restrictions. This app by Kidslox is also available on Android devices, letting you keep an eye on your child even if they don’t have an iPhone. Parents can use this app on both the iPhone and iPad to monitor their kids’ activity. This is a free download on the App Store and is supported by in-app purchases.

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8. Screen Time Parental Control

As the name suggests, the goal of this app is to control and/or significantly cut down screen time from your kids’ phones. With a growing number of children forever glued onto their mobile devices, an app like this can help bring back some parity in the parents’ lives. In addition to letting you monitor how much time your kids are spending on their phones, this app also helps parents set up something known as a “Family screen time pact.” This is useful in making your kids understand discipline while also adhering to the pact that restricts phone usage.

The app is free to download for the iPhone and iPad but comes with in-app purchases unlocking additional premium features including the ability to instantly pause your kids’ devices using a button on the app, as well as setting tasks for your kids so that they can earn extra screen time on their phones. This is an excellent way of rewarding kids with phone benefits after a task they’ve completed.

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