9 Best Deer Hunting Apps for iPhone in 2024

The next time you go hunting, you should consider bringing your iPhone with you and using the apps from this list to discover new hunting areas, track your hunt, use pre-recorded deer calls and sounds, keep a hunting journal, get instructions on how to best track and recover your deer, and more.

Hunting apps for iPhone can turn what’s already an indispensable tool in the arsenal of any modern hunter, a GPS-enabled smartphone with a high-resolution camera, into an electronic hunting companion with features that cover all aspects of hunting.

Best Deer Hunting Apps for iPhone

Deer hunting Apps for iPhone

1. HuntStand

HuntStand covers all the basics. You can use it to check your wind, your weather, learn about solar and lunar phases, but that’s just where the fun begins. It’s only when you take HuntStand with you on a hunt and start creating sophisticated and detailed maps of your hunting areas when you get to experience what the app is all about.

HuntStand comes with 67 easily discernible marks that you can use add useful information to your maps, and several built-in measurement tools make it easy to calculate distance and area. You can the share your maps with your friends and club members or use the sync feature to view them on your computer.

Download it now: here

Deer hunting Apps for iPhone

2. onXmaps: Hunt

Most map apps only come with two map views: the satellite view and the street view, which highlights streets and roads. When you’re out there in the wilderness, sometimes you want to see a map that shows area boundaries, sometimes you want to see a map that shows temperature, and sometimes you want to see the location of nearby camps and popular hunting spots.

If you use multiple apps to get all this information, you’ll find yourself constantly switching back and forth between them, which gets old quickly.

onXmaps: Hunt is an advanced GPS navigation app with many map layers that you can switch on and off depending on what information you want to see. You activate only a single layer or as many as you want. Location tracking with waypoints is fully supported, and so are many other features, including location sharing and area and distance measuring.

Download it now: here

Deer hunting Apps for iPhone

6. HuntWise

Just about any serious hunter should make sure they have HuntWise on their iPhone. It has everything you need to be serious out in the wild — there are hunting weather predictions, solunar calendars, GPS maps of your hunting areas, and more. HuntWise is handy, because it’s the one hunting app that assists you in planning and preparing for the best hunting times, ensuring that you don’t leave the wild empty handed.

One of the cool things about HuntWise is the custom waypoints you can create — you can easily plot your stands, blinds, scrapes, rubs, and more on your own little map.

Download it now: here

Deer hunting Apps for iPhone

7. ScoutLook

Next up, we have ScoutLook. This one operates similar to HuntWise, but with a slightly more complicated interface. However, what we really like about ScoutLook is that it’s able to show you property lines in 97% of the United States. That way, when you nab a deer, you can ensure that you’re not breaking laws or crossing into other people’s property to retrieve it.

Just like HuntWise, this one has hunting forecasts, map details, trail marks, and more.

8. Deer Calls & Tactics Pro

If you believe that using pre-recorded calls is cheating, you’re not the only one. Many hunters share the same opinion—usually until they first use an app like Deer Calls & Tactics Pro and score their best buck ever.

Deer Calls & Tactics Pro includes twelve basic types of deer calls and sounds, including a contact call, buck grunt, tending grunt, and rattling. The app provides helpful tips for each call, teaching you how to use it most effectively to maximize your chance of a successful hunt.

9. Hunting Journal Pro

Think of Hunting Journal Pro as a smart journal for hunters. Compared to your trusted weather-proof notebook, it makes it easy to record your current position using GPS, and it automatically adds useful hunting data to every journal entry you make. After you use the app for a while, you discover how convenient it is to instantly find old journal entries from the previous season just by searching for a few keywords.

Your journal entries can be accessed from either the Hunting Journal Pro application or via your free ProHuntersJournal.com account. The app developers promise that all your journal entries, personal information, and location data will stay 100 percent private, unless you choose to make them public.

10. Shot Simulator

Shot Simulator isn’t a game. It’s a realistic, fully interactive 3D simulator that visually explains deer anatomy and teaches you how to drop a buck as humanely as possible. You can simulate a shot and see how to travels through the 3D model of a deer.

With a tap on the screen, you can peel off the skin to view internal organs and the bone structure. By dragging your fingers on the screen, you can study the trajectory of the shot from different angles to determine, for example, how to hit both lungs at once without hitting the scapula.

Best Deer Hunting Apps for iPhone Verdict

When you’re out in the wild, your phone might be the last thing that you want to take with you; however, if you do take it with you, deer hunting apps can assist you in attracting and getting in position to nab your next buck or doe.

Do you have any favorite hunting apps you use for the iPhone? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. HuntStand does NOT have any routing to get you to and from your hunting location so you will have to get another app for that. It does show your dot and a location on the map you have to try to get to with no guidance.
    This is a MUST to track your back in the woods to be able to track your route and get you saftley back to your vehicle. In some locations you have limited ways to get back to locations so the ability to track and store your route and even to connect two points together is amust.

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