5 Best Coding Bootcamp Schools In Seattle 2021

Want to learn to program, but don’t want to spend tens of thousands of dollars, if not hundreds of thousands, on a Computer Science degree at a somewhat prestigious university? People will tell you that that’s the only way to get into the field, but there’s actually a cheaper way that gets you essentially the same education, but on a more practical, industry-level. We’re talking about coding bootcamp schools in Seattle, of course!

A coding bootcamp school is advantageous because it’s not only cheaper than college or university, but it also gets students in touch with practical real-world experience that the industry looks for. Sure, theory you learn in college is helpful, but it’s often completely different than the practicality of everyday needs.

So, if you’re in Seattle and want to learn to code, here are the best coding bootcamp schools in Seattle.

Best Coding Bootcamp Schools in Seattle

1. General Assembly

General Assembly comes up as number one on our countdown, and for good reason. General Assembly offers all sorts of different coding courses, but most importantly, they offer an excellent education for learning the Web — they actually have 18 different courses that you can choose from. There are full time, part time, and self-paced courses, so that there’s something for everyone that can fit their schedules.

For Web Development specifically, you’ll learn skills like Web Development HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ruby on Rails, and more.

Coding Bootcamp Schools in Seattle

2. Thinkful

Thinkful is actually an online coding bootcamp that offers flexible courses. They actually have options for full time and part time courses, and in their web development track, will teach you HTML/CSS, JavaScript, NodeJS, Python, and more. It’s all done online, and Thinkful actually guarantee you a job by the end. They have flexible payment options as well, such as upfront or deferred tuition.

Coding Bootcamp Schools in Seattle

3. Flatiron School

This is one of the more expensive coding bootcamp schools within the Seattle area, but you can guarantee that you’ll get an excellent education here that will make you job-ready. One of the highlights is their 15-week program, which includes career services to help you find a job after graduation. It even comes with a money-back guarantee if you don’t receive a job offer within six months, potentially giving you a free coding education.

They actually have tons of courses, but their web development ones specifically will teach you skills like CSS, HTML, Javascript, ReactJS, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, SQL, Python, and more. Keep in mind that their courses are full-time. so you won’t be able to work full-time while doing this coding bootcamp.

Coding Bootcamp Schools in Seattle

4. Coding Dojo

Coding Dojo comes up as fourth on our countdown, and actually sits on the more affordable range of coding bootcamp schools. Coding Dojo actually has six different courses that you can choose from. There are actually a couple of ways to go about these courses, as Coding Dojo offers you full time and flexible courses. Their 3-stack program requires you to be in-person, and will offer you 14 weeks of on-site instruction. They have a 2-stack program with instructors that can respond to you in real-time. This will take twenty weeks.

Some skills that you can learn at Coding Dojo are HTML/CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, Angular.JS, MongoDB, Express, Node.JS, Heroku, Ruby, Rails, Python, Java, and many others.

Coding Bootcamp Schools in Seattle

5. Product School

And finally, we have Product School. This is going to be your cheapest option. It’s not nearly as prestigious as other bootcamps on this list, but it will teach you the coding skills necessary to get you started. This one is actually designed for managers and project managers, helping executives and management-level employees learn the coding skills and management skills that they need to know to help their team succeed.

Schooling is all done online and in part-time chunks in order to accommodate people’s busy schedules. Once you graduate, you’ll have access to the school’s internal job board as well.

Best Coding Bootcamp Schools in Seattle Verdict

As you can see, there are a lot of excellent coding bootcamp schools in Seattle for learning all types of programming. Whether you want to be a web developer, a software engineer, or an app developer, there’s something for you on this list; however, we do think that General Assembly is probably you’re best choice as far as a well rounded education goes.

What coding bootcamp school did you attend or are planning to attend? Sound off in the comments below.