7 Best Calorie Counter iOS Apps in 2024

Losing weight can be such a difficult task, especially if you decide to go on one of the endless amounts of diets out there — Keto, 1200IsEnough, No Fat, etc. It can be hard to stick to the strict regime that many of these diets offer. However, you really don’t need one of these diets! Losing weight is all about counting your calories and staying under what you need for a day. With that in mind, losing weight can be as simple as downloading a calorie counter iOS apps.

Set the calorie counter app up for your phone, and it will automatically enter in how many calories you need a day to maintain your weight, and then show you the calories you need to eat per day to lose weight. It really is a simple process! If you follow along below, we’ll show you the top-rated applications for counting your calories.

Best Calorie Counter iOs Apps

Calorie Counter iOS Apps

1. Calorie Counter Pal

Calorie Counter Pal is a modern application that not only allows you to easily track your calories, but helps you track your fitness goals as well.

The design of the app is pretty simple — you have a food diary, with breakfast, lunch, and dinner categories. There’s usually a nice landscape or environment as a background photo.

You can click on the “+” button next to the individual meals, to search through a large database of food options to add to your diary. Or, you can use the integrated barcode scanner to scan the packaging of the product you’re eating to get exact serving size measurements.

In addition to expansive food tracking options, Calorie Counter Pal also helps you monitor things like calories burned, steps taken, and even gives you specific information on running, jogging, cycling, and other types of activities. One of the more unique aspects to Calorie Counter Pal is that it comes with a diabetes and glucose tracker as well, which gives you the ability to keep a closer eye on your health.

Give it a try for yourself at the link below.

Download it now: here

Calorie Counter iOS Apps

2. Lose It!

The Lose It! app is very similar to MFP, but with a slightly different design. You’ll be able to easily enter in what you’ve had for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even for a snack. Lose It! takes the information you give it and shows you the calories you need to eat to lose weight, although we do believe Lose It! uses a slightly different mathematical formula than MFP to calculate that number.

Lose It! is free to use just like MFP, but they do have a premium subscription available for those that want a handful of extra features and data to view.

Download it now: here

Calorie Counter iOS Apps

3. FatSecret

FatSecret has a similar layout to MyFitnessPal and Lose It!, but there are some notable differences with this app. So, you get your food diary, but you also have access to a large nutritional database, healthy recipes, and even an exercise log! Based on the exercise you do, FatSecret adds calories to what you need for your daily intake to lose weight healthily. A bar code scanner is built into the app to more accurately track foods.

Download it now: here

Calorie Counter iOS Apps

4. Cron-o-meter

Cron-o-meter is really helpful for varying factors. Like many calorie counter applications, you get your food diary on the front page. It’s very easy to use, and will even show you your nutritional breakdown — i.e. for carbs, proteins, fats, etc. Cron-o-meter will even work with specific diets you’re on, altering what macro-nutrients you need on the daily.

There are plenty of different factors that you can tell Cron-o-meter — for example, say, you’re pregnant: you can input that into the app, and Cron-o-meter will also alter what type of nutrition you need based off of national nutrition standards (i.e. if you’re pregnant, it might recommend more iron in your diet).

Download it now: here

Calorie Counter iOS Apps

5. SparkPeople

Last, but certainly not least, we have SparkPeople. This is a fully-featured calorie counting application with a food diary. You can enter in activities and goals with it. The neat thing about SparkPeople is that it is definitely more goal oriented than the rest of the apps on this list, which those who like achieving things and cross things off their lists will like.

SparkPeople is really easy to use, and if you eat the same thing regularly, or from day-to-day, it allows you to quickly and easily copy what you ate from a previous day over to the current day.

Calorie Counter iOS Apps

6. MyFitnessPal

The first application that you should consider is super popular. MyFitnessPal is a really neat app that will take your information, and then show you how many calories you need to eat per day to lose weight, all based off of that information. You can easily add breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks — MFP has a huge database that will let you look up food items and show you how many calories it has. For a more accurate number, you can use the barcode scanner to scan in the foods that you’re eating with the UPC on the package. MFP will even let you track your water.

We really like MFP because it has an easy way to track your weight progress. Using an automatically generated graph chart, it’ll show you how much weight you have lost since you first started using the application. There are some premium features with MFP, but it can be used completely for free.

Download it now: here

Calorie Counter iOS Apps

7. CalorieCounter+

NutraCheck’s CalorieCounter+ is the perfect choice for those who have busy days and need to track the calories that they’re eating or have already ate in a jiffy. CalorieCounter+ makes it fast and easy, allowing you to scan barcodes for the most accurate measurements, and even allowing you to search through a massive food data base to help you estimate calories on what you ate for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or for a snack.

One of the things that sets NutraCheck’s CalorieCounter+ apart from the rest is that yes, they have a massive food database, but their listing even have pictures to help you determine a better estimate.  Calorie Counter+ links with Fitbit, allows you to set diet and fitness goals, and comes with an easy to use user interface.

Download it now: here

Best Calorie Counter iOs Apps Verdict

As you can see, there are a lot of great calorie counting iOS apps available on the App Store — all of these will meet your needs. It’s worth just taking one, giving it a try, and seeing if you like it. We might recommend that you try MyFitnessPal first, as it does have the best user interface; however, apps like Calorie Counter Pal will provide you the means to see deeper insight into your workouts and calories burned during the day.

What’s your favorite calorie counter iOS apps? Let us know, and it might end up on our countdown!

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