How To Backup iPhone Without iTunes


Are you having trouble backing up your iPhone on iTunes? Maybe you’re running into errors, or iTunes is simply taking way too long to backup your iPhone.

You might also simply want to skip some of the steps for syncing content to your iPhone because, once again, it just takes a really long time to complete once you initiate it, at least if you have a lot of content on your phone.


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Luckily, there’s a way that you can backup your iPhone without using iTunes. If you follow along with us below, we’ll show you the steps to backup iPhone without iTunes. Let’s get started.

iTunes problems and errors

You can come across quite a few problems with iTunes. The software works well, but it’s certainly not perfect. One of the problems that folks experience the most is slowness.

Depending on the amount of content that you have on your iPhone or your PC, it can take such a long time to sync everything with iTunes and your iPhone.

Sometimes, iTunes will interrupt backups because it’s downloading new software, or will hang up for seemingly no reason. Sometimes you’ll get an error because of a conflict with your antivirus, or an iCloud error, or even the oh so common “iTunes stopped working” error.

That’s why using an iTunes alternative can be so nice — you can skip these errors altogether, and then you can actually speed up your iPhone backups as well.

Backup iPhone without iTunes

Backing up your iPhone without iTunes is easier than you think. First, you’ll need a program that can help you backup your iPhone. We recommend using something like DearMob’s iPhone Manager.

Normally, the program costs nearly $70, but there’s a discount for a lifetime license for just $40. Not only that, but DearMob is actually running a giveaway right now, allowing you to get a free copy of their iPhone Manager.

How to get a free licensed copy of DearMob iPhone manager?

Step 1: Go to this page about back up iPhone without iTunes.

Step 2. For Windows users, click “Download Free” button, for Mac users click “Or get a free license for Mac”

You’ll download a zip include setup file + the free license key. Be sure to activate the free license key before it expires.


Once you have it downloaded and installed, we’re ready to get started. The process is actually a whole lot more straightforward with iPhone Manager than it is iTunes.

How to back up your iPhone with DearMob iPhone manager in 2 steps

Preparation: plug your iPhone into your PC or Mac with a USB cable. Once you do, you’ll want to make sure that you tap “Yes” on your iPhone when the “Trust This Computer?” prompt appears.

Step 1: Open up the DearMob iPhone Manager on your Mac or PC. Select Backup tap on the main interface.



Step 2:  click the Backup Now option, and then iPhone Manager will start working on getting you a full iPhone backup file.


And that’s all there is to the one-click backup option. It’s that simple, actually! However, what if you want to just backup individual categories on your iPhone? DearMob’s iPhone Manager has various functions to help you out there, too.

If you prefer, you can also watch video tutorial about how to back up iPhone:

Backing up photos and videos

If you don’t want to do a one-click backup, and you’d rather do something like simply backing up photos and videos, that’s easy, too.

Just like we did with the one-click backup, we’ll plug the iPhone into the PC or Mac by way of a USB cable. Make sure you select “Yes” on your iPhone to trust the computer.

Open up DearMob iPhone Manager, and this time — instead of clicking Backup — click on Photo Transfer. Then, select the photos that you would like to transfer. Or, you can click on the Select All option to, well, select all of your photos.

Finally, you can click Export to backup your iPhone photos without iTunes.

It’s a similar process for transferring videos. Instead of clicking on Photo Transfer, we’ll click on the option that says Video. Then, just like Photo Transfer, select the videos and movies that you want to backup.

You can quickly choose all of them by click on the Select All box. Then, press Export to back them up to your PC.

One problem you may come across with a video or movie is it being encrypted with DRM, unlock it by clicking the decode button.

What about Music?

You can easily backup music and audio files as well! Make sure your iPhone is connected to your Mac or PC, and then open the DearMob iPhone Manager.

This time, we’ll want to select the option that says Music Manager. You can then select the songs or playlists that you would like to backup. Or, you can press the Select All button to, well, select all of them. Then, just like we have before, you’ll want to press the button that says Export.

Of course, you can run into some problems with purchased music. Some purchased songs will be tagged DRM, which means that they’re encrypted. However, iPhone Manager can still easily back these songs up. You’ll just need to click on “Export”, and then a box will appear saying something along the lines of “This song is protected by iTunes DRM” or “This song is protected by DRM”. From there, you can just click on the Decode button, which then removes the iTunes encryption, allowing you to backup your songs and audio files to your computer.

Backing up contacts

Getting a new phone and want to make sure you save all of your contacts? Or, maybe you simply want to keep a backup of all your contacts in case you lose them accidentally. DearMob’s iPhone Manager allows you to easily do that.

Again, make sure your iPhone is plugged into your Mac or PC, and then open up DearMob iPhone Manager.

This time, we’ll click on the Contacts button. Then, click on the contacts that you want to back up. Once you’ve selected all that you want to backup, you can click on the Export button.

Here we have a couple of options — you can Export as VCF, as a PDF, as a TXT file, or even an HTML file. If you’re planning moving contacts to another phone, you’ll want to back them up as a VCF, as most phones can easily import VCF files for contacts. It makes the process pretty seamless.

If you’re not, any other option is fine.

Advantages to the full iPhone backup

There are some advantages and disadvantages to the full iPhone backup — it all depends on what your goals are out of a backup. For example, if you were to do a full iPhone backup, and then you were to restore it with iPhone Manager — you may actually end up losing some data, because the original data on your iPhone will be completely replaced.

However, if you backup the individual aspects of your iPhone — like music, photos, videos, etc — all you’re essentially doing is adding new files to the existing state of your phone.

Syncing your iPhone

While DearMob’s iPhone Manager has a lot of excellent backup features, it really is a great all-around iTunes alternative. It even includes a Sync feature, which allows you to sync content between your computer and iPhone, and the other way around.

It’s a great way to sync a bunch of your content very quickly, which on iTunes would normally take hours at a time, at least depending on the amount of content that you have to sync between your computer and iPhone.

Extra features

There are actually a lot of advantages to using DearMob’s iPhone Manager over iTunes. For example, there are some really cool privacy protections that you can use — such as the ability to password encrypt your files exported from iOS devices, create iPhone ringtones, convert music to .m4r, and even have unlimited access to backup anything on your iPhone to computer.

iTunes can be pretty selective, but the DearMob iPhone Manager gives you free access to, well, everything.

Goodbye, iTunes

It’s worth mentioning that Apple is actually ditching iTunes, since most of the services it has created already branches out or replaces functionality within iTunes. In the next version of macOS, Apple is ditching iTunes completely, and Finder will actually be replacing the iPhone functionality of iTunes.

Finder will be able to backup, sync, and allow you to move files around. Stay tuned on our guide for that, soon.


As you can see, the DearMob iPhone Manager is an excellent choice for those that are looking to backup their iPhone. There are easy and quick options like the one-click backup for a full phone backup, or you can backup individual categories, as we showed you how to above.

One-click backups are probably our favorite option, but if you need to share or transfer photos and videos to another device, the export button actually makes that really easy.

Have you used DearMob’s iPhone Manager before? What’s your favorite feature? Let us know in the comments section below — we’d love to hear from you.