How to Archive Emails on iPhone 12 Mail | Hiding Email Messages

This post shows how to archive emails on the iPhone 12 Mail app. Read on if you need help removing some important emails from your inbox and move them to a dedicated iOS folder.

iOS Email Archiving

One way of protecting and preserving email messages in mobile devices is through archiving. 

Email archiving refers to a process of hiding email messages from the inbox without deleting them. 

In iOS devices, archived email messages are automatically transferred to your email account’s All Mail folder. When someone replies to an archived message, it will return to your inbox.

Archiving emails is recommended whenever you’ve got an email or conversation that contains confidential information such as account credentials, address, phone number and the like. Performing a quick search will bring the archived message back to you in an instant.

If you’re wondering how to get this done on your new iPhone 12, I’ve laid out this simple guide for your reference.

Here’s how to archive emails on the iPhone 12 Mail

The following steps are also applicable when archiving emails through the Mail app on other iOS devices that are running on the same software version with the iPhone 12 series. Actual screens and menu items may vary between device models and carriers.

1. To get started, tap the Mail icon from the Home screen.

archive emails iphone 12 mail tapicon

Doing so will open the Mail app. Typically, you’ll be routed straight to Mailboxes or Inbox.

2. To proceed with this guide, tap to open the Inbox folder from Mailboxes.

archive emails iphone 12 mail inbox

A list of emails will populate the next window.

3. Scroll down or up to locate the email that you’d like to archive. Then, swipe the email’s preview line to the left.

archive emails iphone 12 mail swipepreview

Quick icons will load up on the right side.

4. Tap Archive to archive the selected email message.

archive emails iphone 12 mail archive

The email will then be removed from the inbox.

5. You can also archive an email message by swiping on the message preview and then tap the More icon.

archive emails iphone 12 mail more

A pop-up menu will load up, prompting additional controls and commands.

6. Then, tap the Archive control located on the upper-right corner.

archive emails iphone 12 mail morearchive

Doing so will archive the selected email message and remove it from the inbox.

To archive another email message, just repeat either of the archiving methods depicted above.

And that’s how you do it!

Finding and Retrieving Archived Emails on iPhone

As mentioned earlier, archived messages in iOS devices are moved to the All Mail folder. To access this folder, you will need to open the Mail app on your iPhone and then navigate to the Mailboxes screen. While on the Mailboxes screen, tap to select the name of the email account that contains the archived message that  you’d like to retrieve. The email account can be found under the Accounts section. 

To view all the list of messages for that account, tap the All Mail folder, select the archived message and then tap the Folder icon to select the folder that you’d like to move the archived message to. The message will then be moved to the selected folder right away.

If for some reason you cannot find the archived email in the All Mail folder on Mail, log into your email account on the web browser. Things like this may typically occur due to many different factors including server issues like when there’s a delay in implementing recent changes to the mail server. Network connectivity issues on the phone can also be deemed among the underlying causes.

To rule out in-app issues like when the Mail app seems to be glitching on your iPhone, force closing the app and restarting it is usually needed. Performing a soft reset on the iPhone can also be deemed a potential solution to clear out any random software errors that might have caused the Mail app to stop working as intended.

For further assistance, you may contact Apple Support or your email service provider for recommendations. They can also help you troubleshoot the problem using a dedicated email diagnostics tool on their end.

Hope this helps!

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