A Bulk of Apple's OLED Displays in 2023 Will Be Supplied by Chinese Manufacturer BOE

As per a report by RPRNA, Apple has struck a deal with Chinese display maker BOE for the production of OLED panels in 2023. It goes without saying that a large majority of these display orders are meant for the 2020 iPhone flagships, with three new iPhones expected in Fall.

It is reported that BOE has been trying to win OLED orders from Apple for quite some time now with reports mentioning that negotiations have been going on for a couple of years. The company already makes LCD panels for iPads as well as MacBooks, which basically means the transition is going to be pretty smooth.

The report goes on to add that BOE will be the No 2 supplier of OLED displays for Apple after Samsung. What’s noteworthy here is that BOE has secured a bigger order of displays compared to LG Display, while Samsung will continue to be the top supplier of OLED displays in 2023, which is along expected lines.

BOE is expected to ship 45 million OLED panels for iPhones in 2023. The fact that BOE has a technology currently used by Samsung is what made Apple sign a deal with the Chinese supplier. Apple has for long depended on multiple suppliers to meet the demand. This has helped the company secure orders in time for the big iPhone launches. Since 2017, Samsung has been the biggest supplier of OLED displays for Apple, although the arrival of BOE will surely cause some concerns.

It’s worth pointing out that BOE recently became the top global supplier of TV LCD panels, so this appears to be yet another feather in the company’s hat.

Source: RPRNA

Via: iMore