Apple's 'Find My iPhone' App Helps Locate Stolen Car

As per a report by KCCI Des Moines, a woman in Iowa recovered her stolen car back, thanks to the iPhone she owns, which was also inside the car when it was stolen. Although the authorities mentioned that the phone was off multiple times. they managed to get a ping shortly after, helping the police track down the culprits.

While the phone hasn’t been retrieved yet, the police believe that it could be in one of the apartments where the car was found. The car was located around Plaza View Apartments, so it’s likely that the phone is within one of the nearby housing units.

Unfortunately, while the car has been located already, they couldn’t recover the woman’s wallet or keys. It’s also worth noting that Apple’s new “Find My” app makes locating lost phones easier by even allowing owners to track their phones even when it’s turned off or offline. However, it seems like the user is running an older version of iOS as the new features that were packed with iOS 13 doesn’t appear to be present on the user’s phone.

Sgt. Paul Parizek from Des Moines police praised the technology that helped them, although he also mentioned that it’s never a good idea to keep your keys in the car when you’re exiting the vehicle.

Apple has made remarkable upgrades in terms of security with each iteration of the iOS 13 update. Although the rollout of iOS 13 was far from perfect, one can say that Apple has done a great job in terms of security or even performance.

iPhone owners are recommended to keep using the Find My app in order to locate all their devices, even if they’re not around you.

Source: KCCI

Via: 9to5Mac