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How to fix an Apple Watch 4 that’s stuck on black screen

When your Apple Watch is stuck on black screen, it could mean that it has completely ran out of battery and therefore has powered down or it could still be up but just couldn’t get past the black screen. In short, battery issues and software-related errors that caused the watch to become unresponsive are generally

How to fix slow performance problem on your Apple Watch 4, working very slow

Performance problems in smart devices are usually due to memory issues like when the memory space is running low. Software bugs, bad apps, faulty updates and in worst case scenarios, hardware damage are among the underlying causes. This post is aimed at addressing slow performance problem on the Apple Watch 4. Read on to find

How to fix an Apple Watch 4 that won’t connect to App Store

With Apple’s new watch software (watchOS 6), users of later Apple Watch variants like the Watch 4 will (purportedly) finally be able to download and install new watch apps straight on their wrists. This is in line with the latest enhancements made by the Cupertino-based giant to make the Apple Watch become a little more

How To Eject Water On Apple Watch Series 4 After It Gets Wet

How To Eject Water On Apple Watch Series 4 After It Gets Wet

The Apple Watch Series 4, is resistant to water for up to 50 meters. With the Apple Watch Series 4 water resistant, it can be used to track in pools and open-water workouts. An open workout app is used with these activities. Being confident of its feature that we tend to use it on a