How To Fix Apple Watch Speaker Not Working On A Call

Apple had made Apple watch series  boosts its speaker volume by at least 50 percent than with the older models, but not only that, the sound quality has been improved too. Also, to help reduce echo that other models experienced before, the microphone has been moved to the opposite side from where it was installed for a clearer and less noisy phone calls. Since Apple watch has a built-in speaker it allows you to perform functions such as answering and making phone calls but there are times wherein the speakers of the Apple watch are not working for some reason.

There have been reports that  users had experienced and that when answering a phone call on their wearable, the person on the other line could not her them. It’s either the line is choppy or not, or could not hear them at all. It can be a very frustrating experience especially when at times you rely on your wearable for phone related functions. There can be a variety of reasons why during a call it is not working,  it could be because of a hardware issue with your wearable, or some glitches and bugs. It is also possible that the volume settings need to be adjusted. Lucky for you, we have summed up some of the potential solutions that may help fix  not working speakers on your Apple watch during a call. Read on below to find out how to be able to continue to enjoy receiving and making phone calls on your wearable.



We are used to “dressing” up our devices to make it look good and to protect it as well, for those cases designed to protect. Although these cases makes your wearable seemed pleasing to the eyes, unfortunately though, some of these cases and accessories often tends to cover the speakers and at times also the microphone. It is a good thing to protect your wearable but if because of its accessories that you will be having issues with its speaker, you may need to remove them instead.

But if after removing the casing accessory and found out that it is not the one causing the problem, you may use it again to protect and safeguard your device and proceed with the next solution below.


Most of the time, whenever a device is experiencing some problems, the first troubleshooting to do is to reboot the device. This is the simplest and easiest way to fix and resolved most of the hardware related issues that any device is experiencing.

Restarting is as simple as turning your Apple watch OFF, then turning it ON back again. Pretty simple, but often do a lot of wonders to any device as well as Apple Watch speaker not working issue.

How to restart: 

  1. Press and Hold the Side button, just below the Digital crown until Power OFF option appears.
  2. Release pressing side button. Slide “Power Off” command from left to right to Power OFF Apple watch
  3. After a few seconds, press the Side button again until Apple Logo appears. Release pressing the side button.
  4. Wait for Apple watch to completely restart
  5. Try to make or receive a call to check if the issue has been fixed.

If the simple restart still did not fix the problem with the speakers, you may do a force restart instead.

How to force restart:

  1. Simultaneously press and hold Digital crown and Side button.
  2. Then, wait for apple logo to appear, then you can release pressing the buttons.
  3. Wait for Apple watch to completely restart
  4. Try to check if the issue has been fixed by making or receiving a call.


There are Three (3) modes to choose from your sound’s settings: Silent, Do Not Disturb and Theater mode. It is likely possible that the sound on your wearable is working properly but instead placed on a different sound mode. We will explain below the difference of these 3 modes for you to know which ones to choose best in certain situations.

  • Silent Mode: when this mode is enabled, from the name itself your wearable will be silent. It won’t make any unnecessary noises especially incoming calls. Although even if this mode is enabled, you will still receive Haptic notifications.
  • Do Not Disturb: when this mode is activated, whenever you receive an alert or incoming call, this will prevent your wearable to make a sound and prevents it from lighting up as well.
  • Theater Mode: this mode also activates the Silent Mode at the same time keeping the screen dark not until you tap on the screen or press a button that’s the time the screen will light up.

How to manage these sound modes:

  1. While at the Face watch of your Apple Watch, slide up to reveal the Control center.
  2. The modes are represented by an icon. For Silent mode, the icon looks like a bell. While for Do not Disturb mode, it is represented by an icon that looks like a moon and finally, for the Theater mode its icon looks like two theater masks.
  3. Tap the ones that are enabled or turned ON. But it is much better to turn OFF all three modes.

You can also manage silent mode on your iPhone, Go to Watch App from the home screen of your iPhone>Tap on Sounds and Haptics> Toggle OFF Silent mode when it is ON.


It is also possible that you are having problems with the speaker of the Apple watch not working when on a call is because you forgot that a wireless device is connected to it. When that happens, speakers will not work not until you disconnect the wireless device from your wearable.

How to check what’s connected: 

  1. Press Digital Crown
  2. Then tap on Settings
  3. Next, tap on Bluetooth. You will see all the Bluetooth devices connected to your Apple watch. If there is a wireless headset connected, that’s what causing your speaker and volume problems. If you want to continue using it, leave it as is and you can answer calls using it but if you choose to use the speakers instead, disconnect wireless from Bluetooth. You can disconnect by clicking disconnect device.
  4. After disconnecting the wireless headset, try to make or receive a call to check if the issue has been fixed.


If speaker issue still persists, you may want to turn Airplane mode OFF and turning it ON again. This can help refresh the cellular connection. Turning Airplane Mode ON and OFF is only applicable to Apple watch with cellular.

How to turn Airplane Mode ON and OFF:

  1. On the Face Watch setting, swipe up to reveal the Control Center or sometimes called Settings Glance of your Apple watch
  2. The Airplane mode is represented by an icon that looks like, of course, an Airplane. Toggle ON Airplane Mode.
  3. After a few seconds, Toggle OFF Airplane mode.
  4. Try to make or receive a call to check if the issue has been fixed.


Volume alerts can be changed on either your Apple watch or on your iPhone. Either, it works the same. First, try to set the volume of your Apple watch to its peak level and see if the Apple watch speaker not working is fixed.

How to set Alert Volume using your Apple watch:

  1. Press Digital Crown to reveal home screen with apps.
  2. Then tap on Settings 
  3. Scroll down from the list of options and tap on Sounds and Haptics
  4. Change Alert Volume by tapping on the Volume icon to lower it down or to increase it.

How to set Alert Volume using iPhone:

  1. Go to Watch App from the home screen of your iPhone
  2. Tap on Sounds and Haptics
  3. On the Alert Volume, Slide the command to increase or decrease volume according to your own preferences.


There are also instances that when you’ve been around water lately and some of it goes to your Apple watch. Although Apple watch are made to be water resistant, it is not recommended to use it for swimming. If you’ve been around water and speakers’ problems started, you may need to eject water to solve Apple Watch speaker not working.

  How to eject water:

  1. While on the Face Watch, swipe up to reveal Control center or sometimes called the setting glance.
  2. Look for the Eject water setting. It is an icon that looks like a drop of water.
  3. Tap on the Drop icon and follow the on-screen instructions.
  4. Turn the Digital crown to unlock and eject water.
  5. After water has been ejected, try to make or receive a call to see if the problem has been resolved.

The ability of your wearable to make a phone call directly is as important as receiving a call. It is a very useful feature especially when you can’t in any way able to hold your iPhone when answering a call, you just need to tap the answer button on your wearable instead. This is also useful when you are driving, and cant use your iPhone to answer a call, your Apple Watch can do it for you. Although answering a phone call when driving is prohibited and for your own safety whenever someone is calling you, make sure to pull over and answer that call rather than answering a call when you’re in the middle of the road. Let’s just say seeing an incoming call on the screen of your watch can be a heads up for you that someone is calling, then you can pull over to answer it. Safety first is the key.