Apple Watch 2 could feature a FaceTime camera, WiFi connectivity and improved battery life

Skype - Apple Watch

The current iteration of the Apple Watch, while pretty good in its own right, is certainly not the best Apple could have done. As people familiar with Apple products will tell you, first-gen Apple products never turn out to be the best and the company manages to hit a home run with the second gen model.

It seems like that will be the case with the 2016 Apple Watch if reports are anything to go by. Some inside industry sources are suggesting that Apple could use a FaceTime camera with the Apple Watch 2, which sounds quite bizarre at first, but nothing that Apple wouldn’t think of.

The newly announced watchOS 2.0 allows users to answer FaceTime audio calls directly on the Apple Watch, while video calls can be answered but only to be picked up from the accompanying iPhone. But the addition of a standalone camera on the wearable could negate the need for the switching of video calls.

It is also being mentioned that much like Google did with Android Wear, which is essentially the FaceTime for Android, Apple is planning to make connectivity and syncing of data possible over a WiFi connection. To achieve this, it is said that the company will utilize new chipsets and make some other changes to the device.

Amidst the flurry of speculations about the second gen Apple Watch, the one that obviously stands out is battery life. Currently, Apple Watch can only eke out about under a day’s use. But it is said that this will be significantly improved with the Apple Watch 2, which inspires confidence among wearable fans.

What do you think about these speculations? Is there something in particular that you would like to see with the next gen Apple Watch?

Via: 9to5Mac