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Apple Watch Not Counting Steps Problem

Apple Watch Not Counting Steps Problem

Apple watch has a wide variety of features and functions that makes it different and unique from all the other smart watches that are  available in the market today. That is why it is known to be the best smartwatch amongst the others. The Apple watch can do a lot of things from app installed.

Apple Watch No Email Notifications Problem

Apple Watch No Email Notifications

An Apple watch always come in handy in times when you need to check your email from time to time, for business purposes or for your daily email checks. Whenever you receive email notifications on your iPhone, you can also check those notifications on your Apple watch as well. Provided that both devices are synced

Setup Passcode Apple Watch

Set Up Passcode On Apple Watch

Many are asking why is it useful to put a 4-digit passcode on an Apple Watch. It may seem unnecessary for some but for privacy purposes, just like with an iPhone or iPad, it is always important and recommended for a user to do a Passcode setup Apple watch Here are some of the few

Can You Use Apple Watch On Android Smartphone?

Use Apple Watch On Android Smartphone?

From the name itself, Apple Watch is designed and made for use on Apple iPhone devices. Up to date, it has become the most popular, useful and attractive smart watch almost everywhere as it works as a smart watch and a wristwatch at the same time. Since it was designed for iPhone device as its

How To Fix Apple Watch 4 Not Charging Or Slowly Charging

How To Fix Apple Watch 4 Not Charging Or Slowly Charging

Ideally, when you’ve been using your Apple Watch you will also receive a low battery warning.Of course, the next thing to do is to charge it right. But when you’ve attached it to its magnetic charging cable, you noticed that it is slowly charging and for some it is not charging at all. You might

How To Fix Apple Watch Series 5 Battery Life Issue

How To Fix Apple Watch Series 5 Battery Life Issues

The new Apple Watch Series 5 is finally here. It comes with new features and improvements from the previous model Series 4. It’s features include a built-in compass, and a new look. One of the highlights with Apple Watch Series 5 is the Always-ON display feature, the newest feature added to the new model, which

How to turn off Apple Watch 4

It is important that you know how to properly turn your Apple Watch 4 off as this will help in making it work perfectly again. This device doesn’t have a ‘Restart’ option so if you want to do that, you have to turn it off completely and power it back on. There is a forced

How to fix an Apple Watch 4 that can’t download apps

Can’t download or install new apps on your Apple Watch 4? If that’s so, then there must be something wrong on the Apple Watch or its paired iPhone that must be rectified. Read on and get some help. Apps are among the most vital components of a smart device including Apple watches. Although each of

How to fix apps that keep crashing on your Apple Watch 4

One of the common issues transpiring among iOS devices is on random app crashes. Often times, the problem is isolated to an application. But in some instances, the problem is attributed to system errors and iOS glitches. When troubleshooting app problems in iOS devices, in-app glitches and software-related errors on the affected device must be