Apple Removes Like Patrol from the App Store for Violating Guidelines

After Instagram sent a cease-and-desist letter to the makers of the “Like Patrol” app, the developers said they intended to fight it. It seems like the company’s woes have gotten a whole lot worse with Apple removing the app from the iTunes App Store for violating its guidelines.

For those unaware, Like Patrol is an app that lets Instagram users get instant interaction updates from people they follow, which can range from likes to comments. This is a tool that was available on Instagram by default over two months ago but was removed from the app.

The developers of Like Patrol charge their customers a fee to get back this feature, while also letting you filter comments and likes based on gender. The company also claimed to have an algorithm in place that let the users ascertain if the person commented on an attractive person’s picture or video on Instagram.

Needless to say, this behavior borders on stalking, which is what led Instagram to send the aforementioned letter to the app makers. With Apple now removing the app, this appears to be the last nail on the coffin for Like Patrol.

The company previously claimed to have up to 300 paying subscribers at $80/year, so it’s clear that not many had actually signed up to pay for their services. Apps like these are known broadly as “stalkerware”, and while each app differs in how they achieve their goal, the purpose appears to be pretty much the same – spying on people. The app never appeared on the Google Play Store, so Android users appear to be immune from this, for now.