Apple Removes Hundreds of Vape Related Apps from the App Store

According to a report emerging out of Axios, Apple is currently removing all vaping related apps from the App Store. This comes in the wake of multiple vape related deaths in the U.S. over the past few months which were traced back to counterfeit cartridges or refills. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or CDC mentions that dozens of people have died of lung-related illnesses that can be traced back to vaping.

Apple confirmed the ban in a statement and said that it agreed with the findings of the CDC as well as the American Heart Association. The latter has been fighting a rigorous battle against vaping and e-cigarettes, warning against its effects for some time now. A more recent study mentioned that vaping may turn out to be worse for your heart than smoking cigarettes, thus quelling the popular notion that it is a “safer alternative”.

So which apps are affected by the new ban? Well, pretty much every app pertaining to vaping, including standard vape-specific apps used to control lighting or other features on the device. Apple even removed apps that offer news or information on vaping, and even games, which suggests that the company is looking to remove any app that mentions vaping. It is said that around 181 apps are currently affected by this ban.

It will be interesting to see how vape manufacturers react to this new ban on apps. Do you think Apple is right to block apps or games that mention vaping? Share your comments below.

Source: Axios