Apple Removes Customer Reviews from Its Online Store

A new revelation suggests that Apple has removed customer reviews for its products on its online store. Screengrabs taken by AppleInsider using Wayback Machine indicates that this happened sometime between November 16 and 17, with the Ratings & Reviews section disappearing sometime on the 17th. Although it went unreported for a few days, it seemingly caught the eye of a user. This has now created quite a lot of buzz, particularly with regards to Apple’s reasoning behind the removal.

Unfortunately, Apple hasn’t offered a statement on why this was done, although we expect the company to issue a formal word over the next few days. While speculation is rife about Apple’s intenti0ns, it’s too soon to speculate on why this happened.

Separately, a recently uploaded YouTube video that discussed negative reviews of the 2019 16-inch MacBook Pro appears to coincide with the removal date of the customer reviews section on Apple’s online store. It’s clear that a handful of customers were unhappy with the purchase of the new MacBook Pro, but it would be a leap to suggest that Apple is trying to hide negative reviews of its newest product.

It’s also worth mentioning here that Apple is known to be leave out all reviews, even the bad ones, so this could all just be a temporary glitch on the company’s website. If the company did, in fact, do this intentionally, it may take quite a while to come out of the negative press it will subsequently receive.

What do you make of this episode?

Via: Apple Insider