Apple on Course to Sell Its 2 Billionth iPhone Soon

As per a new report by BNN Bloomberg which cites eight different market analysts, Apple is on course to sell its 2 billionth iPhone fairly soon, perhaps by 2021. This is said to be largely due to the good holiday season sales, with the company on course to touching 195 million in sales for the 2020 fiscal year, which is interestingly more than the original forecast of 186 million sales.

The first iPhone was announced exactly 13 years ago by Steve Jobs, and it’s good to see the iPhone doing well since its launch despite the arrival of worthy competitors in the Android segment. More than a decade since the first iPhone’s release, the report adds that the iPhone sales are expected to touch 1.9 billion this year.

Apple’s revenues have touched all-time highs over the past couple of years, which is also thanks to the wide range of services it offers including the App Store, Apple Pay and Apple Music. While predicted iPhone sales for the 2020 fiscal year is good news, it’s significantly lower than the sales from 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018, the report adds.

Despite this, the report mentions that Apple will generate a revenue of $275 billion this year thanks to multiple businesses it handles. Looking further into the second half of 2020, Apple is expected to launch its first-ever 5G smartphone. Some reports have even mentioned that the company will announce multiple 5G phones by the end of this year, or push its arrival into early 2021.

Apple has seen a good time at Wall Street as well with the company’s market capitalization increasing by over $600 billion in the past 12 months

Source: BNN Bloomberg

Via: GSM Arena