Apple Now Offering Free Emoji Engraving on AirPods Cases

While Apple Store purchases of AirPods can include a free text engraving since March 2019, the company has now added emoji to the list as well. Customers simply have to put the AirPods of their choice to their bag and get the engraving of their favorite emoji available.

However, the selection is fairly limited at this point. You get generic emoji options like animals, hearts, stars, robot, skulls, aliens, and so on. The selection doesn’t include obscene symbols like the middle finger, for example, so customers don’t have the liberty to choose a lot of emoji. It’s worth noting that you cannot include both text and emoji as engravings, so it has to be either one.


Apple has offered engravings for a long time now which started off with iPods and has continued on to the rest of its device lineup, including the AirPod Pro, the iPod Touch, iPads as well as the Apple Pencil (2nd gen).

The AirPods Pro was Apple’s big launch that offered a massive upgrade compared to the standard AirPods primarily due to the presence of Active Noise cancellation or ANC. The AirPods Pro is currently retailing for $249 although you can get it for much cheaper via third-party retailers’ websites.

The engraving option can be an excellent gifting idea as well, especially if you’ve forgotten to get gifts in time for New Years’. Do you own the AirPods or the AirPods Pro? What do you make of it? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Apple

Via: Engadget