7 Replies to “Apple iPhone 7 Tutorial: How to setup Email, Contacts, Visual Voicemail, iCloud and Calendars”

  1. Hi, I have been using iPhone 7plus for nine months, I am really disappointed when My iPhone can’t no longer be charged with it charger. I even tried to charge it with my iPad Pro charger but it won’t charge.
    The Apple stores around can not assure my guarantee because I didn’t buy it from turkey rather in China.
    What should I do?

  2. I need to removed ancestry from my I phone I try differ ways I am getting frustrated please help

  3. What about all the apps on my old iPhone? How do I get them to my new iPhone. I tried several things I rad about online but wasn’t successful.

  4. New (19 Feb 17) iPhone 7 plus is downloading email back into October 2016. The more we delete and despite emptying trash, the more downloading happens. My wife insists that she deletes emails and empties trash faithfully. I had it down to 400 emails. It is now at 2257.

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