Apple iPhone 7 Plus stuck on the Apple logo, infinite boot loops [Troubleshooting Guide]

One of the most prevalent issues affecting several owners of iOS devices including those with the latest iPhone 7 Plus handset is on bootloops and being stuck on the Apple logo. Such problem usually occurs as one of the cons from iPhone jailbreaking, faulty software updates, as well as erroneous iOS restore. In other case, an interrupted data transfer is to blame. This problem can happen to any iOS device, even on the newer models like the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. And this is what this post is all about.

If you came across this page while searching for possible solutions to fix a similar issue on the same iPhone device, then this content might be able to help you out. Read on and feel free to try any of the recommended workarounds highlighted beneath this content, in order to address the problems on infinite boot loops and being stuck on the Apple logo during start up.

But before anything else, if you have other concerns with your iPhone 7 Plus, make sure you drop by our troubleshooting page for we have already addressed some of the most commonly reported issues with this new iPhone. If you need further assistance or if you can’t find what you’re looking for in that page, fill up our iPhone issues questionnaire and hit submit. Don’t worry, it’s a free consultation service so you don’t have to worry about anything. Just give us more information about the problem and we’ll do our best to help you fix it.

What causes your iPhone 7 Plus to get stuck on the Apple logo or infinite boot loops?

When it comes to an iPhone being stuck on the Apple logo or getting frozen, it turns out that jailbreaking appears to be among the most common culprits. While jailbreaking is deemed legal and has a lot of promising benefits to jailbroken iPhone users, it can likewise mess something up in your device.

There are also others who have encountered similar issue in which the iPhone is stuck at the Apple logo after a recent repair like screen replacement. This can likely happen if the four screws holding the plate over the screen connectors are replaced or not properly secured. Inserting a screw into a wrong hole (like when a long screw is inserted into a long screw hole or vice versa) can damage the iPhone’s logic board thus resulting to a boot loop and or blue screen. Unfortunately, a DFU restore won’t be able to fix this problem or can even make the problem worst. This however should not be the case on your end, considering what have is a new iPhone.

When your iPhone 7 Plus is stuck on the Apple logo or boot loops?

As the name implies, the problem is depicted by the Apple logo that does not go away on your iPhone display. During this instance, your device couldn’t get past the Apple logo screen or you might get a static blue screen shortly after the reboot and then goes back into the same cycle. In either case, you won’t be able to access the Home screen.

How to fix your iPhone 7 Plus that is stuck on Apple logo or boot loops?

For software-related boot loops or stuck problems, you can fix them by performing any of the given workarounds below. You can give any of these methods a try before taking your device to a technician for hardware check-up and/or repair if necessary. The best way to start troubleshooting the problem is by knowing when the first symptom began to show up. For example, if your iPhone 7 Plus gets stuck on the Apple logo or indefinite boot loops after updating software, then most likely a faulty software update is to blame.

In this case, the best way to start fixing it is by determining which software or app you’ve upgraded and then work on it.

Step 1. Perform a force restart.

If this is the first time your iPhone gets stuck on the Apple logo, and then try to do a force restart. Performing a force restart is highly recommended for iPhones that are not responding to touch.

  • To do so, press and hold the Sleep/Wake and Volume Down buttons for at least 10 seconds until the Apple logo appears. Forcing your iPhone to restart won’t erase current contents on your device.

If it’s still stuck on the same screen, then try other options below.

Step 2. Use iTunes to update iOS on your iPhone.

Sometimes the problem might have occurred due to a more serious software bug or glitch, which can only be rectified by an iOS fix patch. Generally, software updates contain fixes to existing bugs, which may be the thing you need in order to resolve the issue on boot loops, stuck at Apple logo, red screen or blue screen during start up. Here’s how it works:

    • Connect your iPhone 7 Plus to a computer (Windows or Mac).
    • On your computer, open iTunes. Be sure to use the latest version of iTunes to avoid issues on system requirements incompatibility.


  • While your iPhone is connected, force it to restart. (Please refer to the above steps to force restart iPhone 7 Plus).


  • When you see the Apple logo, do not release both buttons. Keep holding them until the Recovery Mode screen appears.
  • If prompted with the option to Restore or Update, select Update to proceed with iOS update installation. Wait for iTunes to attempt to reinstall iOS without erasing your data. After that, iTunes will initiate the software download for your iPhone. If the download takes more than 15 minutes, your iPhone will exit recovery mode. In this case, you will need to go back to the prior step wherein you force your iPhone to restart.

Step 3. Restore from a backup.

While software updates are promising lots of pros, some updates may also contain bugs that can cause problems to a device after implementation. In fact, many iPhone owners have ended up having an inoperable device after installing software update. Even major software updates released by Apple periodically can also contain some bugs that can trigger the same problem to occur on an iOS device after the update installation. Should this be the case, you can try performing a force restart. If that won’t work, then power off your iPhone and let it rest for a few hours or overnight. This might be necessary especially if it’s a big software update file your device is attempting to install. The bigger the update is, the more time your device needs to complete the installation process. So give your device enough time to keep everything in place and it should be back up and running even smoothly afterwards. But if that doesn’t work either, you may go ahead and restore from a previous iOS backup.

In most cases where in an iPhone is stuck on the Apple logo or indefinite boot loops, putting the phone into recovery mode and restoring it from a backup usually can potentially fix the problem. You too can give this resolution a try on your iPhone 7 Plus that is stuck in the same state by following these steps:

  • Get a computer ready. You can use either Windows or Mac computer for this purpose.
  • Connect the iPhone’s USB cable to your computer but not your iPhone.
  • Turn your iPhone off. You can use the traditional manner of powering it off. Just keep pressing the Sleep/Wake button until the screen goes black.
  • Once the phone is powered off completely, press the Home button and then plug in the USB cable to the iPhone’s dock connector.
  • Wait for your iPhone to power on. As it turns on, keep pressing the Home button until the iTunes logo appears.
  • Wait until you see the iTunes screen, telling you that your iPhone is now in recovery mode.
  • If prompted to Update or Restore on iTunes, click the Restore button to initiate the iOS restore process and restore to a previous iOS backup.

Restoring from a previous backup can also be a potential solution for iPhones that get stuck on boot loops or can’t get past the Apple logo after a file transfer. It’s possible that the transferred file contains some bugs that may have caused the iPhone to become dysfunctional. Aside from software bugs, data transfer can also put your iPhone into a similar state due to some security suites like antivirus software or firewall that is preventing your iTunes from detecting your iPhone during the process. Remember that when transfer files through iTunes, your iPhone will be recognized by the computer as an external device. Some security tools may have interrupted the process or forcibly halting the data transfer. Incomplete data transfers often leads to a corruption of data, which can affect the overall functionality of your iPhone. To prevent this from happening, you may disable any security tools on your computer before initiating file transfers with your iPhone 7 Plus.

Step 4. Use alternative solutions or iOS system fix tools.

If iTunes is not your option, then you can try some other tools for fixing iOS system issues on your new iPhone, including boot loops and stuck on the Apple logo. You can download any of these tools for free.

To get started, head over to the App Store and then search for the best iOS fix tool for your iPhone 7 Plus, download, and install it to your computer.

After installing the software, you will be prompted with onscreen instructions on how to get started in fixing your iPhone that is stuck on the Apple logo. Just follow the prompts to move on to the fixing process.

Fix for iPhone stuck on Apple logo or boot loops due to hardware issues

If the problem is due to a defective iPhone component or hardware-related, then the difficulty of fixing it will also vary depending on the extent of the damage to your iPhone’s component. You may consider the possibility that the problem is triggered by a defective hardware component if none of the given solutions/workarounds is able to fix the problem. This is also likely the case especially if there were previous instances of dropping or liquid exposure with your device. Your next best option would be to have your iPhone examined by an authorized technician or avail for service or replacement warranty by contacting your device carrier or Apple Support.

Contact Apple Support or your carrier for more help

If your iPhone 7 Plus remains stuck on the Apple logo or infinite boot loops and is not recognized in iTunes, at this point you should contact your device carrier or Apple Support to ask for further assistance or other options. Do the same if the problem persists after performing every possible solution and workarounds recommended in this post. You may also opt to avail for warranties (repair or replacement) should you be eligible for one.

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  2. Hi I have tried to replace the lcd in an iphone 7 I have used 2 different new lcds the problem is the phone wont boot properly it will show apple logo then go black and it does this with both lcds but I disconnect the home button it boots fine and it will boot properly with the old lcd with the home button connected also I can connect the home button on the new lcd’s and the phone is ok

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