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How to Set Up & Activate Voicemail on iPhone [Help Guide]

Set Up & Activate Voicemail on iPhone

If you don’t know how to set up and activate voicemail on your iPhone, this post is for you. Voicemail is not going out of style. In fact, this is one of the most used features on smartphones nowadays. This is an innovative way of getting connected with your friends, families, and business partners even

How to Delete Text Messages on iPhone: The Easiest Way!

delete text messages on iphone

Still new to iPhone and you don’t know how to delete text messages? This post will show you how to delete text messages on iPhone—the easiest way! Deleting text messages on your iPhone is pretty much quick and easy. Technically, the text messages in Messages app for iPhone are grouped into conversations. But whether you

How to Activate Dark Mode on iPhone 11

activate dark mode iphone 11

Upon the release of iOS 13 to Apple devices, a lot of iPhone users got excited as it will offer an all new experience to their devices.  Considered as one of its coolest features is you can now activate dark mode. That means it will provide a new look on how you will see your

Best Resume Apps For iPhone In 2020

Creating resumes can be tricky at times. But in this world where technology has been competitive recently, app developers have engaged in different things. In this post, you’ll find out the best resume apps for iPhone in 2020.  Did you recently quit your job and trying to find a new one? Or is this the

How To Find Duplicate iPhone Contacts

duplicated iphone contacts

Do you have a lot of contacts saved on your device? Are you trying to find the duplicate contacts on your iPhone? Read further and find out how.  With the technology that we have these days, communicating with our friends and loved ones is made easy through social media apps and other Internet-based platforms. Gone

Optimize iPhone Spotify App To Use Less Cellular Data

optimize iphone spotify app

Do you want to equip yourself with proper knowledge on how to optimize iPhone Spotify app to use less cellular data? Read further and find out how.  Spotify has gained its popularity as one of the top apps for music streaming on both iOS and android devices. It’s intuitiveness and design, together with the music

How To Cancel App Store Subscriptions on iPhone

confirm cancel app store subscriptions

Finding ways on how to cancel app store subscriptions on your iPhone? You’re in luck! Read further and find out more details about removing iPhone subscriptions on your iPhone App Store.  In this world of technology where apps are dominating, it could be easy to get tricked and subscribe to something you might not need.

I Want to Recover Deleted Text on iPhone. Here’s How!

recover deleted text on iphone

You might have accidentally deleted an SMS or text message that is very important and doesn’t know how to get it back. That is a common scenario that almost everyone has experienced since many of us are using text messages as a mode of communication. But did you know that you can actually recover deleted

How To Transfer Photos From iPhone To PC

transfer photos from iphone to pc

To transfer photos from iPhone to PC is easy, despite the fact that some iPhone users have encountered issues while copying some pictures to their computer. Regardless of the system one is using, transferring files from mobile to a computer shouldn’t be that hard. Well, it’s really not. It’s just that most of us don’t

How To Transfer Photos From iPhone To MacBook Using AirDrop

transfer photos from iphone to macbook select check mac

Transferring photos from an iPhone to a MacBook is a lot easier using AirDrop than any other methods. Apple did a great job in making sure that its devices can communicate properly with each other. In this post, I will be showing you how to transfer photos from iPhone to MacBook using Apple’s AirDrop service.

How To Connect Bluetooth Mouse to iPhone with iOS 13

connect bluetooth mouse to iphone touch

When the iOS 13 update was rolled out, one of the features that many owners found useful is the ability to connect Bluetooth mouse to iPhone. The feature is actually an expansion of AssistiveTouch that many users have been enjoying, especially the ones who have encountered issues with the Home button. Since it’s the expansion