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7 Best Weight Loss App for iPhone in 2020

Weight Loss App for iPhone

Losing weight is one of those things that are much easier said than done. In theory, all you need to do to lose weight is consume fewer than you spend, but we all know that it doesn’t always work like that in practice. Food nutrition labels are often inaccurate, daily stress can slow down the

5 Best Ripple XRP Wallet Apps in 2020

Ripple XRP Wallet Apps

For the longest time, Ethereum was the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency, after Bitcoin. But this is no longer the case because Ripple has surpassed Ethereum as the second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. At the time of writing this article, Ripple’s market cap sits at almost $150 billion, while Ethereum’s market cap inches $100 billion.Interested in investing

10 Best Money Making Apps in 2020

Money Making Apps

Thanks to the advent of smartphones and tablets, making money online is no longer a big deal. There are hundreds of apps out there that let you earn rewards or cashback for the money you’ve spent. Some apps give you cash in return for watching some ads, while you can also make money by playing

5 Best Google Photos Alternative In 2020

Google Photos Alternative

Google Photos offers so many benefits, one of them being that you can keep your photos safe. One of the problems with phones today is that we take so many photos, that we can easily eat up all of our phone space. That slows down devices, but with Google Photos Alternative, now all of your

What Was the Last iPhone to Have a Headphone Jack?

Apple has revolutionized the way we listen to music. While things aren’t particularly easy right now, the company started off the music revolution with iTunes and subsequently, the iPod. Today, every iPhone comes with the same promise of the best music performance and a wide array of on-device tools that allow you to tweak your

How To Fix iPhone Battery Drain Issue After iOS 13.5 Update

iphone battery drain issue

Many owners claimed that shortly after updating their iPhones to iOS 13.5, their devices reportedly started to drain the battery quicker than before. The iPhone battery drain issue is not new but it seems like the new update made things worse.  In this post, I will guide you on what you should do to improve

How to Set Up & Activate Voicemail on iPhone [Help Guide]

Set Up & Activate Voicemail on iPhone

If you don’t know how to set up and activate voicemail on your iPhone, this post is for you. Voicemail is not going out of style. In fact, this is one of the most used features on smartphones nowadays. This is an innovative way of getting connected with your friends, families, and business partners even

How to Delete Text Messages on iPhone: The Easiest Way!

delete text messages on iphone

Still new to iPhone and you don’t know how to delete text messages? This post will show you how to delete text messages on iPhone—the easiest way! Deleting text messages on your iPhone is pretty much quick and easy. Technically, the text messages in Messages app for iPhone are grouped into conversations. But whether you

How to Activate Dark Mode on iPhone 11

activate dark mode iphone 11

Upon the release of iOS 13 to Apple devices, a lot of iPhone users got excited as it will offer an all new experience to their devices.  Considered as one of its coolest features is you can now activate dark mode. That means it will provide a new look on how you will see your

Best Resume Apps For iPhone In 2020

Creating resumes can be tricky at times. But in this world where technology has been competitive recently, app developers have engaged in different things. In this post, you’ll find out the best resume apps for iPhone in 2020.  Did you recently quit your job and trying to find a new one? Or is this the

How To Find Duplicate iPhone Contacts

duplicated iphone contacts

Do you have a lot of contacts saved on your device? Are you trying to find the duplicate contacts on your iPhone? Read further and find out how.  With the technology that we have these days, communicating with our friends and loved ones is made easy through social media apps and other Internet-based platforms. Gone