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Best Resume Apps For iPad In 2020

best resume apps for ipad in 2020

Finding the best resume apps for iPad may be tricky these days. A lot of apps have been developed to help those people who would want to create their CV. Though options could be everywhere, it will boil down to the app that suits your taste.  If you’ve been trying to create a resume but

How To Delete iPad Albums And Pictures To Free Up Storage Space

delete ipad albums featured image

One way to free up some storage space on your iPad is to delete iPad albums but some users get confused, especially the ones who are new to Apple devices, because even after deleting some pictures, the storage is still the same. The thing is after you delete the pictures, you still have to do

How To Reset Network Settings on iPad

reset network settings on ipad featured

To reset network settings on iPad means to bring all its network services back to their default values. It also means to delete all existing wireless connections including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections. As an owner of a device like this, you should learn how to do this procedure as it may save you from a

Apple iPad Pro stuck on Apple logo. Here’s what you need to do…

Learn how to fix your Apple iPad Pro stuck on Apple logo or won’t boot up successfully. Understand the reason why a device like your iPad Pro experiences boot issues such as this. Black screen of death, infinite boot loops, random crashes, and stuck or unresponsive displays are often attributed to major system errors. They

How to fix YouTube app that keeps crashing on iPad Pro 2018

You’ve got nothing to do so you’ve decided to get entertained by watching interesting videos on YouTube app. But for some reason, the supposed to be fun video streaming experience becomes a headache because the app isn’t working as it should. For some reason, something triggers YouTube app to suddenly crash and stop working. If

How to fix iPad Pro that won’t turn on

The device can still power up but it won’t load completely to the home screen and that would be a different problem. I will share with you the most effective solutions when an iPad won’t turn on.