Apple iOS 6 maps application errors spotted

Recent reports indicate an alarming issue regarding Apple’s latest iOS 6 maps application, which is said to have an erroneous plotting that could mislead pilots in an attempt to make emergency landings on a farm in Dublin.

Ireland’s Minister for Justice Alan Shatter reportedly divulged the issue today and said he has already informed Apple about this mistake and asked for urgent correction especially it involves his constituency in South Dublin.

The tech giant’s new online map tool purportedly indicates the Airfield in Dublin has been labeled with an aircraft image. According to the minister, it is a totally “inappropriate flight of imagination.” Apple could have used other possible images in context of Airfield such as a flower, a sheep or any other type of plants or animals.

Mr. Shatter further noted that the Airfield is a 35-acre site with a city farm, gardens and a cafe, and also the center of his constituency in Dundrum. While he said mistakes are inevitable sometimes, he is surprised to see Apple has mistakenly placed a standard airport map on Airfield’s spot.

The Airfield, which operates as nursery, is currently bolted for renovations. It is expected to re-operate sometime next year.

A Twitter user, Aleesha Tully @aleeshajulia, also spotted the same error on Apple’s new iOS 6 maps app. On her tweet she said:


In order to oust any concerns, Dublin Airport immediately acted on the issue. On its Twitter page, Dublin Airport ‏@DublinAirport, tweeted: “Just in case anybody is confused is not moving to the southside.”

Besides the “Airfield” map error, Apple has also done wrong in moving Dublin Zoo to Temple Bar on its map system. Similar to the Airfield glitch, the “Dublin Zoo to Temple Bar” mistake has also decoyed interests, concerns and criticisms among Twitter users. It has also provoked anger from many Apple device users, specifically those with the latest iPhone.

Olga NíGíorra, another Twitter user, @fit_gurl, commented on this issue saying:


Apple is yet to comment on the issue.

The online map tool is part of the new iOS 6 software package installed on the new iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices. These devices were previously using the mapping software from Google, called Google Maps. It was in June when Apple announced it will replace Google’s mapping software with its own system. Unfortunately, its system turned out to be inaccurate.

Source: Irish Times