Apple Could Offer a Bundle of News+, Music, and Apple TV+ by 2021

According to a new report, Apple could be planning to offer a bundle of Apple Music, News+, and Apple TV+ for customers in the coming year. The combination of the three services will no doubt raise subscription costs, but it will no doubt save a whole lot compared to paying for each service individually.

As per people with access to Apple’s deals with publishers, the company has included a provision that allows it to bundle its subscription with other services. It’s entirely likely that this is merely an idea that Apple is currently floating within its ranks and not a confirmed plan. However, combining the three services does make a great deal of sense, especially for those hesitant to get just one or two of these subscriptions.


It is worth pointing out that bundling the News+ ($9.99 per month) with Music and Apple TV+ will also mean publishers’ revenues will take a hit. So it will be interesting to see how Apple handles this particular aspect of the bundled plan. All three services currently cost $25 per month when paid individually, and there’s no word on what Apple will charge this rumored bundle. But considering how it has offered a multitude of student and standard customer discounts for Apple TV+ and Apple Music, we’re optimistic about seeing a highly competitive price tag.

It is also worth mentioning that Apple TV+ is already fairly cheap at $4.99 per month, so whatever Apple charges will have to be in the ballpark of $19.99.

Would you be interested in a combined news, music and TV subscription from Apple?

Source: Bloomberg

Via: iMore