How To Add Someone To Group Text On iPhone

The iPhone is one of the most advanced communication tool available in the market today. It has several amazing features that makes communicating with your friends and family very easy. One feature of this phone that people constantly use is text messaging. Just open the Messages app, type in your message, then send it to one of your contacts. The phone also has you covered in case you need to communicate with a group of friends to setup a meeting for example by using the group text feature of the phone.

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To send a group text message

  • Open the Messages app then compose a new message.
  • Enter the recipients’ names on the “To” field or tap the “+” sign  to add contacts.
  • Enter your message, then tap Send.

So once you have your group message setup there are several things to keep in mind.

  • Every text you send to the group will be sent to everyone on the the original text.
  • If everyone on the group text is an iPhone user then the send button will turn blue.
  • If a person on the group is not using an iPhone then the message will not be sent as an iMessage instead it will be sent as a regular SMS and the send button will be green.

In case you want to add someone to the group text on your iPhone then just follow the steps listed below.

  • Open the Messages app then go to the group chat you want to add people to.
  • Tap the i icon in the top right corner.
  • Tap Add Contact.
  • In the Add: field, start typing and either select autocomplete suggestions or type in a full phone number or Apple ID.
  • Tap Done.

In case you would like to name the group conversation just follow the steps listed below.

  • Open the Messages app then open the chat you want to name.
  • Tap the i icon in the top right corner.
  • Tap Enter a Group Name.
  • Type in the name and tap Done.

If you want to know how to add someone to a group text who migrated from iPhone to Android, or if he/she is having some issues joining your group chat, then here’s what she/he has to do:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Go to Message settings, then more settings.
  3. Touch Multimedia messages.
  4. Make sure group conversation is on.

If he/she still is still having issues sending and receiving text, then the number might need to be deregistered from iMessage.

Advise him/her to insert the SIM back to the iPhone and go to Settings > Messages > turn iMessage off. Or, log on to to deregister the number from iMessage.

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