How To Add Someone To A Group Text

Group texts are an excellent way to setup events with friends and coordinate large group outing — it prevents you from having to message all of the involved people on an individual basis. It essentially streamlines the process by making communication a whole lot more efficient. Large group texts can get out of hand pretty quick, but if you just have a couple people in a group text, it’s an effective mode of communication. However, what if you want to add a new person to your group text? On the surface, it doesn’t seem like there’s an easy way to do this; however, Apple’s Messages app and plenty of other communication tools make it easy to bring other folks into the conversation after the group text has already started.

Not sure how to apply this yourself? Follow along below and we’ll show you how! Let’s dive right in.


Like we mentioned, it’s pretty easy to add individuals to your group text. Using your iPhone or iPad, open up the Messages app. Next, you’ll want to tap on the group text that you want to add an individual to.

At the very top of the text, click on the contact icons. You’ll see a menu appear that says Audio, FaceTime, or Info. We’ll want to tap on the option that says Info. Upon the Info tab appearing, you should be able to immediately see everyone currently in your group text. Right at the bottom of that list, you should see an option that says + Add Contact. Tap it.

You’ll see a prompt appear next, and this is where you’ll need to add the contact information for the person that you’re adding. When you’ve filled all of that out, press Done, and then the person is immediately added to the group text conversation. It’s worth noting that this process will only work with devices that are using iMessage, as well as group conversations that are eight in size or less.

If you can’t use iMessage for your conversation, or your group text is larger than eight members, it’s a little more complicated to create a new group text.

So, if you want to add someone, you’ll need to go to the Messages home page. Then, press the New Message icon at the top right corner.

In the To field, you’ll need to manually add every individual that you want included in the group text, including the person that you’re adding to the group text. When all of those numbers are added, type a message, and press Send. Your new group text has been created!

If you ever want to add additional individuals to your group text, you’ll have to actually repeat this process. There’s no way to add individuals to a group text without creating a new group, unfortunately. Again, that is unless you’re using iMessage with eight individuals or less.

Facebook Messenger

The traditional, stock messaging app on most phones — including the iPhone — is pretty restricting as far as adding people to group texts go. Luckily, other instant messaging applications make it a whole lot easier to add people to group conversations dynamically. One of those big names is actually Facebook Messenger.

If you want to add someone to a Facebook Messenger group, first tap on the Message Group that you want the new individual to have a part in. Then, tap on the name of the group at the top of the chat. From there, under the Preferences subsection, you’ll want to click on the See Group Members link. Then, at the top right of the screen, press the Add Person button. You’ll have the option to scroll through your list of contacts, and add the individual or multiple individuals to the group. You’ll even have options to add people that you aren’t necessarily connected with, but that requires you to add a specific name in the Search bar.

The other option Facebook Messenger gives you is to invite contacts to a group via a link. You can copy that link to your clipboard, and then send that link to people you want to add to your group on an individual basis. They’ll click on that link, and then choose to join the group.


As you can see, it’s not easy to add people to a group conversation in the native Messages app; however, it’s much easier in instant messaging applications like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and others.

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