How to Add Email Attachment on iPhone 12 Mail App | Inserting Media Files and Documents

This post shows how to add email attachment on the iPhone 12. Read on if you need help inserting media or documents into an email with the iPhone 12 Mail app.

iOS Email Attachments

One of the most common file sharing methods that’s long been used in the digital zone is through email attachment.

Email attachment refers to a digital file that’s sent along with an email message. Generally, you can attach one or more files to any email message. The recipient then can download and access the file from that email.

In computers, email attachments can include different types of files including scanned photos or digital prints, sound or audio files, video clips, spreadsheets, databases and any other data in a computer-readable format. Even computer programs can be attached to an email message.

The preinstalled email application in iOS devices allows you to attach images, videos, scanned documents and other files to an email.

To give you some input on how to add email attachment with the iPhone 12 Mail app, I’ve laid out a quick guide for your reference. Here’s how to attach files to an email on the latest iOS smartphone.

Easy Steps to Add Email Attachment on the iPhone 12

Before you proceed, make sure that the file you are going to attach is not that large. Sending large files in iOS devices is usually done through the Cloud Storage system such as Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive. Also ensure that your iPhone has stable internet connection, preferably through a Wi-Fi network.

1. From the Home screen, tap the Mail app icon to get started.

Doing so will launch the built-in email’s Mailboxes menu.

2. To continue, tap the Create New icon located at the bottom-rightmost corner of the screen.

The Create New Message screen appears. This is where you compose your email message.

3. Specify the email recipient by typing the email address into the To section. You can also tap the Plus (+) icon to add the recipient straight from your saved contacts. Then, enter the Subject into the provided text field.

4. After filling up the To and Subject sections, compose or type your message body. Then, touch and hold anywhere on the message body section until the quick menu black bar appears.

5. Tap the white Arrow right from the quick menu bar to view more options. 

To add a photo or video file attachment, tap Insert Photo or Video.

To add a scanned document file attachment, tap Add Document.

7. Let’s go for the latter to proceed with this demo so tap Add Document.

A new window containing the recent documents saved on the phone will launch.

8. Select the file that you’d like to attach to your email. Just tap to mark the desired file.

After selecting the file, you’ll be routed back to the Compose Message or New Message screen with the file attachment in the message body.

You can add more files to attach if you want. 

9. Once you’re done adding files complete your message and then tap the Send icon on the upper-right corner of the screen.

10. If prompted, select any from the given scaled image sizes. This usually appears if the file attachment is too large and needs to be reduced.

The email will then be sent to the recipient along with the file attachments.

When the recipient opens the email, he will see the preview of the attached files. All he has to do is to tap on the file preview to instigate downloading.

To create another email with file attachments, just head back to the Mail app, create a new message and then repeat the same steps to insert the files that you’d like to attach to the message.

You can also edit and add a markup to an attached image file. Simply touch and hold on the image file from the New Messages screen and then tap Markup from the quick menu.

From the Markup screen, you can use any of the provided tools to add some markup to the selected image. Apply all necessary adjustments to the file and then tap the Send icon when done.

Unable to Attach File to an Email

There are many factors that you have to consider ruling out when having trouble attaching files to your email. 

Among the common culprits include network-connectivity issues like slow or intermittent internet connection, server issues, corrupted or incompatible files and software bugs, to name some. The actual file size of the attachment also needs to be checked. It’s possible that the file attachment is too large and therefore could not be attached to the regular mail. In this case, you will need to consider shrinking the file using a compatible software or send the file through any of the Cloud storage systems that you have access to.

Hope this helps!

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