How to Activate the iPhone 12 Call Forwarding Feature

This post shows how to activate the iPhone 12 call forwarding feature. Read on if you need help setting up the iOS 14 call feature that prompts your new iPhone 12 to forward or redirect incoming calls to a different device or phone number, automatically.

iOS 14 Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding is an iOS feature that works by redirecting all incoming calls to a different phone number. As a result, your iPhone won’t ring when an incoming call arrives as it forwards that call to a designated phone number. You can forward calls to a mobile phone, landline phone, office or home number.

To make your iPhone work in this manner, you will need to enable the call forwarding feature from the settings menu and then indicate a phone number to forward calls to.

You can activate the call forwarding feature on your iPhone if you won’t be using the device for a while. 

The process of setting up call forwarding on an iPhone is fairly easy. However, the methods may vary depending on the network service provider or cellular carrier.

In case you need help enabling this feature on your new iPhone 12, I’ve laid out a quick walkthrough for you to follow. Here’s how to enable call forwarding through the iPhone 12 settings menu.

Easy Steps to Activate the iPhone 12 Call Forwarding Feature through Settings

The following steps depict the process of activating and setting up call forwarding on the iPhone 12 via settings menu. If you have an iPhone with the same iOS version with the iPhone 12, you can use the same steps to activate call forwarding. Actual screens and menu items however, may vary between cellular carriers.

1. First, unlock your iPhone to access the Home screen. While on the Home screen, tap the Settings icon.

activate iphone 12 call forwarding settings

Doing so will load up the main settings menu on the next display.

2. From the settings menu, scroll down to locate and then tap Phone.

activate iphone 12 call forwarding phone

The Phone app settings menu will load up on the next display. Here, you will see relevant settings and features you can use and manage.

3. Scroll down to the Call section. Then, tap Call Forwarding.

activate iphone 12 call forwarding callforw

Another window opens with the Call forwarding switch for you to toggle on or off.

4. To activate the feature, simply tap to turn ON the Call Forwarding switch.

activate iphone 12 call forwarding switchON

When enabled, the Forward To option becomes accessible.

5. To specify the phone number to forward calls to, tap Forward to. Then, enter the phone number on the next screen using the onscreen keypad.

activate iphone 12 call forwarding forwardto

Be sure to type in the complete phone number with the correct area code.

activate iphone 12 call forwarding enterphoneno

As you can see, there is no Save or Done button you can tap on because the call forwarding feature will be activated as soon as the phone number is entered.

6. That said, just tap the Back key to return to the previous menu and apply the recent changes to the call forwarding settings at the same time.

activate iphone 12 call forwarding back

The receiving phone number will also appear next to Forward to

activate iphone 12 call forwarding done

Should you wish to edit that number, simply tap Forward to and then make the necessary changes to the phone number.

Some carriers also allow their subscribers to activate call forwarding through a dedicated website or an app.

Conditional Call Forwarding

You can also set your iPhone to ring first and then forward the call when there is no answer. All you have to do is to enable the Conditional Call Forwarding feature.

To avoid incurring extra charges, be sure to contact your cellular carrier or service provider to inquire about the terms and conditions for using call forwarding on your iPhone. This is also recommended to confirm if call forwarding is included in your current plan or subscription.

Typically, you’ll get billed for all forwarded calls according to your plan if you don’t have unlimited minutes. 

Talk to your carrier for more details about your call forwarding plan inclusion. 

Disable Call Forwarding

To turn off call forwarding on  your iPhone, simply toggle the Call Forwarding switch OFF through settings. You can also use or dial a special code provided by your carrier to turn off call forwarding straight from the Phone app. Simply dial the code to get a confirmation tone or message, indicating that the feature is already turned off.

Hope this helps!

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