How to Access the Serial Number and Model Number on your Apple iPhone SE 2021

This post will show you how to figure out if the iPhone you’ve purchased is original or fake through serial number validation. Here’s a short guide on how to access the serial number and model number of the new iPhone SE 2020 smartphone.

A serial number is a unique code or string of characters that is used to identify an item, especially electronic devices such as computers, audio, video, and mobile devices.

Serial numbers play a vital role in determining a product’s identity and authenticity. In fact, the serial numbers are a widely used information to find out whether or not the iPhone you’ve purchased is original or fake. 

The serial number of Apple devices, particularly iPhones are usually written on the original product receipt or invoice. This information can also be found through the barcode depending on the product.

Other ways to find the serial number of an iPhone and other iOS devices are through iTunes and on through the About section of the device’s settings menu.

If you’re new to the iOS platform and wondering how to access this information on the iPhone SE 2020 smartphone, then this walkthrough will help you find it.

Easy Steps to Access the Serial Number and Model Number of your new iPhone SE via Settings

Time Needed : 5 minutes

Performing the following steps will let you access the iPhone SE 2020 settings menu where the serial number, model number and other relevant information are written. This method is also applicable to other iOS devices running on the same iOS version.

  1. To get started, go to the Home screen and then tap Settings.

    The Settings menu will load up on the next display.

    On the Settings menu, you will see a list of different features and options to configure.

    access serial number iphone se 2020 - settings

  2. Locate and then tap General to proceed.

    General settings and menu items will load up on the next display.

    access serial number iphone se 2020 - general

  3. To proceed with this demo, tap About.

    Doing so will load up a new window that contains the key information about the device.

    Among the information you'd see include the device name, software version, model name, serial number and other relevant attributes.

    access serial number iphone se 2020 - about

  4. To verify the authenticity of your iPhone, copy the serial number, open a browser, and then go to the check coverage page of the apple website.

    On this page, you will see a text field for serial number input.

    access serial number iphone se 2020 - open browser

  5. Just paste the serial number that you've copied from your iPhone settings and then press enter to confirm entry.

    If you see a pop-up message saying that the serial number is invalid, then that clearly denotes that what you've got is a fake iPhone. Otherwise, the device is authentic.

    access serial number iphone se 2020 - enter SN

  • iOS 13.6
  • Apple iPhone SE 2020

An alternative information you can use if the serial number is not accessible is the IMEI/MEID. These numbers can also be viewed through the settings menu under the About section or by entering *#06# from the dial/keypad of the phone app.

Hope this helps!

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Hope this helps!

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