9 Best Wireless Chargers For iPhone XS In 2020

Are you tired of using the lightning cable to charge your iPhone XS? We are, too. Lightning cables generally provide a quick charge to our iPhone’s, but they also have so much trouble — wires break easily, burns on end sometimes slows down charging, and other times, dust gets packed in the charging port that prevents charging entirely. That said, wireless charging is just so much easier — set your iPhone XS down on the wireless charging pad, it begins charging, and you can forget about it until you’re ready to use your phone again.

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Our favorite wireless charger is the Anker 10W fast charging wireless charging pad.

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So if you’re finally ready to make a move to wireless charging, be sure to follow along below. We’ll show you the best wireless chargers currently available for the iPhone XS. Here are our top picks.

AnkerAnker 10W Wireless Charger, Qi-Certified Wireless Charging PadCheck Price on Amazon
AnkerAnker Fast Wireless Charger, 10W Wireless Charging Stand, Qi-CertifiedCheck Price on Amazon

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Anker Wireless Charging Pad

The Anker Wireless Charging Pad is our favorite in this list. It’s the perfect solution for those that want to get into wireless charging on the cheap. This option from Anker, which is leagues less expensive than most quality wireless chargers.  Your iPhone XS will be getting a fast charge out of this one. The Anker Wireless Charging Pad will provide a consistent charge to your iPhone XS.

Even though this is a cheaper option on the market, Anker has included a handful of charging safeguards to keep your iPhone XS and charging pad protected from electrical spikes, overcharging, overheating, and more.

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Ampula Bedside Lamp Charger

Looking for something on the different sides of the spectrum for your iPhone XS? The Ampula Bedside Lamp Charger comes up as our number one choice for several reasons — a modern and sleek appearance, but also a three-in-one design that brings you a wireless charging pad, a lamp, and a wireless charger. This allows you to get rid of a lot of the traditional clutter on your nightstand and makes things overall more efficient.

And worry not — this may not be a reputable and top brand, but your iPhone XS will stay safe with the Ampula because of several charging precautions built inside. It’s relatively fast as well.

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Wireless Charging Station

The Wireless Charging Station comes up in second place on our list. It might be a no-name brand, but it’s a reliable wireless charger that everyone loves. It doesn’t take on the traditional “pad” format because it was designed with the ability to charge three devices at once. On the left side, you can lay your phone down for charging on the surface, but on the other side of the charging station, there’s also a side that can charge up your Apple AirPods as well as your Apple Watch (or another smartwatch).

The Wireless Charging Station doesn’t have fast charging specifically like the Belkin Boost Up, or the Samsung Wireless Charger below does; however, charging from the dead to full takes a couple of hours. The best part? There are no wires that you have to fiddle with for your devices! And, there’s a handful of features to keep your devices safe, preventing electrical problems like voltage spikes.

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Mophie Wireless Charging Base

Our favorite wireless charger for the Apple iPhone XS is easily the Mophie Wireless Charging Base because of the sheer quality inside. If you haven’t heard of Mophie before, you’ve probably been living under a rock! They made a name for themselves years ago when they started offering charging cases for the iPhone. They’ve put that same high-quality standard in this charging base. It’s capable of giving your iPhone XS a total output of 7.5 watts. That’s a pretty fast charge as far as wireless chargers go.

Not only that, it’s a sleek piece of hardware that won’t look out of place.

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Belkin Boost Up

You might also want to consider the Belkin Boost Up for your iPhone XS. Made in partnership with Apple, this is a wireless charger that was explicitly designed for the iPhone. It’s able to fast charge supported iPhone models at a pretty fast rate, and it has a total of 7.5 watts of output. Belkin and Apple have included a handful of safety standards to prevent overcharging, overheating, electrical spikes, and foreign object detection.

On top of that, it’s a sleek looking wireless charging base. It’ll blend into almost any home or desk.

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Samsung Convertible Wireless Charger

Even if the Samsung Convertible Wireless Charger wasn’t directly made for the iPhone, it’s still one of the best options available today. First and foremost, the wireless charging base can charge supported Samsung devices at a really fast rate — we’re looking at charging levels similar to what you’d find from a wall adapter. However, it’s still able to give your iPhone XS a relatively quick charging rate, especially since it has a total output of 9 watts.

The unique aspect of this Samsung wireless charger is that it’s convertible. When you don’t need to monitor your phone for notifications and phone calls, convert the wireless charger into a pad, set your phone down on it, and forget about it for the evening. However, if you need to keep an eye on those things, convert it into its stand mode and watch for notifications and phones call. You can even answer them without taking the iPhone XS off the charger! It is a neat device and one of the best options on the market right now.

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Cubevit Fast Wireless Charger

The Cubevit Fast Wireless Charger is another excellent choice, even as a budget charger. There is some pretty decent wireless charging speeds inside for your iPhone XS, giving you around 7.5 watts of charging power. It charges up relatively quick, but also safely because of hardware that prevents voltage spikes and the like. The design might not be as sleek and modern as some of the options from Samsung or Anker, but the textured design does set it apart from other wireless chargers on the market.

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Yootech Wireless Charger

Coming in next on our list, we’re looking at Yootech’s Wireless Charger. It’s another budget charger, and it seems like one, too. However, if you don’t want to drop a ton of money on a charger like the Samsung or Belkin, this one is a practical choice that will get the job done. There are 7.5 watts of power inside, and while charging might not be the fastest, charging remains consistent. On top of that, several charging features keep you safe from voltage spikes and other electrical issues.


Scosche MagicMount

The Scosche MagicMount is an excellent wireless charger for travel uses. This one has a capacity of 4,000mAh, which is enough to keep your MagicMount juiced up from dead to full just once. That said, it’ll keep you out of the sticky situation of having a dead phone, but that’s about it. You can choose to power up your iPhone XS with the included charging cable, or you can use it over Qi wireless charging with an adapter.

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If you’re looking to get into wireless charging pads, you can’t go wrong with any of these options on the list. For those on a budget, the Anker Wireless Charging Pad is a cheap way to see what Qi wireless charging is all about. But, if you want the best of the best, you cannot go wrong with the Belkin Boost Up or the Samsung Convertible Wireless Charger.

AnkerAnker 10W Wireless Charger, Qi-Certified Wireless Charging PadCheck Price on Amazon
AnkerAnker Fast Wireless Charger, 10W Wireless Charging Stand, Qi-CertifiedCheck Price on Amazon

* If you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. For more details, please visit our Privacy policy page.