5 Best Flip Phone In 2020

Flip phones are dying out really quickly, but there are still a few out there that are worth looking at. In fact, there are still a few companies that try to regularly make them. If you’re looking for a flip phone, whether to upgrade your old one, or to finally ditch the smartphone life, follow along with us below, We’re showing you five of the best choices on the market today.

Jitterbug Flip Cell Phone

Coming up first on our countdown today, we’re looking at the Jitterbug Flip Cell Phone has to offer. This one is actually specifically designed for seniors, so it has a large screen to make things easier to see. Not only that, but all of the buttons are enlarged as well — they’re enlarged so that they’re easier to press and see. There’s some exclusive health and safety features found in this phone, too. This makes it easy to call for help if something were to happen. And, operating on the GreatCall wireless network, consumers will only have to shell out $15 a month for minutes and messages. Those rates are so much better than what you would see at AT&T or Verizon.

Kyocera DuraXV

Next up, we’re looking at the Kyocoera DuraXV. Kyocera makes some excellent phones, and this is one of them. It actually has a rugged style, keeping the DuraXV well protected in the event of accidental drops and spills. You can take this flip phone with you anywhere without worrying about breaking it from an accidental drop. It’s got a 2.4-inch display, and it actually has an impressive camera for a flip phone today. Kyocera has equipped it with a 5-megapixel camera sensor so that you can take some detailed photos. It can even record video.

LG B470

LG is still making flip phones today as well. This is the B470, and it actually has two displays for you to easily view content. You have your primary 2.2-inch on the inside, and then a 0.98-inch external display for a quick glance at need to know information. Call quality is loud and clear as well. There’s a 1.3-megapixel camera sensor for taking photos and video, too.

This one is actually designed for AT&T’s network, but should work on any GSM network, such as T-Mobile and its subsidiaries.

Plum Flipper

Next up, we have the very strange Plum Flipper. This one comes with a large 2.4-inch display with large easy to read numbers. Like the Jitterbug, this makes it a little more ideal for seniors. One of the cool things about this one is that the phone actually supports FM radio, MP3 songs, and there’s even an SD card slot.

The Plum Flipper supports GSM networks, so you shouldn’t have a problem using this one on AT&T or T-Mobile. Verizon and Sprint shouldn’t be a problem either if you can obtain a SIM card, as they have recently been “modernizing” their networks to offer a level of GSM support. The Plum Flipper has a powerful speaker, so you’ll be able to hear folks on the other end loud and clear. They should be able to hear you just fine as well, as the microphone is pretty good, too.

TracFone ZTE Z233

And finally, we have the TracFone ZTE Z233. This one comes equipped with a small 1.7-inch screen and actually supports LTE connections.

In addition, there is a whole 4GB of storage packed in this bad boy, leaving you plenty of space for photos and videos. You can expand it with a microSD card up to 512GB, though that might be a little unnecessary. With LTE technology, the TracFone ZTE Z233 will let you access things like GPS with rather speedy response times. Now, it’s worth noting that the call quality isn’t that great on the ZTE Z233, primarily because this is a cheap budget phone. Still, it will work just fine!


Smartphones have taken the world by storm, but there are still a few folks that aren’t wanting to jump over into these devices. They’re content with their calling and texting abilities, and possibly even the occasional picture on their flip phone. That said, if you’re looking to pick up a flip phone, what we listed above are some of the best that you can still buy today. They’ll last you years, not requiring you to upgrade to a new device anytime soon.

Do you have a favorite flip phone that you still use in 2020? Let us know in the comments section below.