5 Best Exchanges to Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card in 2020 that Are iOS Friendly

Buying Bitcoins with a credit card is now almost as simple as ordering stuff from the Internet. There are several highly reputable exchanges that accept credit card payments for bitcoins, allowing anyone to start trading the cryptocurrency or using it as a progressive alternative to established payment systems without any delays or hoops to jump through.

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With well over 7 million users and worldwide coverage, Coinbase is likely the most popular cryptocurrency exchange right now. US customers can deposit funds to their Coinbase accounts from regular bank accounts, PayPal, debit cards, and credit cards.

The last option is particularly attractive because it allows you to purchase bitcoins in an instant, making it possible for you to dynamically respond to Bitcoin’s ever-changing exchange rate. You just need to verify your user account by uploading a photo of a valid ID, which will be automatically processes by Coinbase and confirmed in a few minutes.

If you decide to trade on Coinbase, make sure to download the excellent iOS app, which provides secure access to your account and comes with useful price charts that can help you spot every great opportunity to purchase bitcoins.

Local Bitcoins

Local Bitcoins is a Helsinki-based startup that connects owners of bitcoins with people who would like to purchase some. Local Bitcoins acts as a middle-man that protects both parties until the trade is finalized, providing a secure platform for communication as well as a built-in bitcoin wallet.

Bitcoin sellers on Local Bitcoin accept all kinds of payment methods, including credit card, PayPal, Venno, Chase QuickPay, Amazon gift card, and others. Before you can make a bitcoin purchase request on Local Bitcoins, you need to verify your user account by uploading a valid ID. Sellers on Local Bitcoin can refuse to trade with you unless you use a real name, but many don’t mind if you don’t.

While Local Bitcoins doesn’t have an iOS app, the website is optimized for mobile devices and runs flawlessly on all iOS devices.


CEX.IO is a modern bitcoin exchange that accepts all popular payment methods, such as credit card, debit card, bank transfer, and other cryptocurrencies. The exchange has a worldwide coverage, supports cross-platform trading, and complies with legal regulations in the United Kingdom.

User accounts on CEX.IO are divided into several tiers: Basic, Verified, Verified Plus, and Corporate. With a Basic account, you can deposit up to $300 a day and up to $1,000 a month. With a Verified account, you can deposit up to $10,000 a day and up to $100,000 a month. Verified Plus and Corporate accounts don’t have any deposit limits.

CEX.IO has an iOS app on App Store, which features real-time market data, support for credit card deposits, instant BTC and ETH deposits and withdrawals, and 24/7 support, among many other things.


If you would like to purchase bitcoins anonymously, you could get a prepaid card not associated with your name and use it to deposit money on CoinMama. This Bitcoin portal allows anyone to instantly purchase bitcoins without ID verification and with just a few clicks.

The minimum you can purchase is $10, and CoinMama’s credit card processing service charges a 5.65-percent fee. It usually takes less than 24 hours from the moment you make the payment to the moment you received your bitcoins, depending on how clogged the Bitcoin network is at the time of your purchase.

CoinMama doesn’t have an iOS app, but the website works great on all mobile devices. CoinMama also runs an affiliate program that allows its members to earn bitcoins for helping CoinMama gain new customers. If you have a web presence, this is a great way how you can earn a few extra bucks on the side.


Bitcoin.com is a popular Bitcoin platform with a simple bitcoin exchange service. The exchange service is linked to the Bitcoin.com wallet, which is a simple but highly functional bitcoin wallet that should satisfy the needs of both Bitcoin newbies and seasoned veterans. Bitcoin.com supports both single and multi-signature wallets as well as English, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, German, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, and Portuguese, and the wallet is based on the open source Copay wallet, making it highly secure and reliable.

Besides buying bitcoins, you can also use Bitcoin.com as an online bitcoin wallet and as a great source of Bitcoin-related news. There is even a forum section and bitcoin games, although we don’t recommend bitcoin gambling to anyone who can’t afford to lose everything. Bitcoin.com has a great iOS wallet that is linked with your Bitcoin.com account, allowing you to send and receive bitcoin with anyone anywhere in the world.

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    jan 8 – furcoins received my payment to buy bitcoin amounting to usd 1022.09 thru wesern union
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    furcoins confirmed bitcons has been sent to my correct wallet, i am still waiting for bitcoin to be deposited in my wallet for 17 hours now. which is way beyond what furcoins guarantee to its customers of 45 minutes – 6 hours waiting time to be deposited (see faq section)

    i’ve been requesting several times already for a screen shot from furcoins system showinig that furcoins already sent bitcoin in my wallet – furcoins wont provide it

    it should be similar to a customer sending screen shots confirming payment made thru western union or moneygram

    under furcoins faq section

    why did i not receive the coins after paying?
    if your payment has been received and you do not get the bitcoins within 6 working hours after paying (maximum delay), contact the customer care support

    – it is already 17 hours passed, still no bitcoin deposited in my wallet
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    how can i prove that a bitcoin transfer was made?
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