How To Retrieve Data When Stolen Or Lost iPhone

Have you ever experienced losing your iPhone or unfortunately it was stolen? It is a very frustrating experience, not only the iPhone device that you’re worried about but most importantly the data and contents that goes along with it. We all know that once an iPhone is lost or worse gets stolen, there is a slim chance that you will get it back. One of the very first thing that the culprit would do is to try to jailbreak it to be able to use it.  In order to secure the data on your device, you may need to remotely erased your iPhone via Find My app. But not to worry though because you can retrieve the data from the lost or stolen iPhone later on. 

Apple has always advised users to back up their data from time to time. You can either back up on iCloud or via iTunes so that when instances such as losing your iPhone and is stolen you can easily retrieve your data. 

We should also take into consideration precautions that Apple users must take the next time they purchase a new iPhone to reduce the risk of security breach incase you’ll experience losing your iPhone again. The very first thing to do is to always set a passcode to protect your data from unauthorized access on your iPhone. Aside from enabling passcode, you can also add additional security measures by enabling iPhones that supports Touch ID and Face ID for iPhone that supports the feature. Make sure to also set your iPhone to erase all files you choose to have it erased in case it gets stolen or lost.


There are two ways to retrieve data from a lost or stolen iPhone, you can either do it by using iTunes or iCloud same the ways on how to back up.


iTunes is considered to be the most convenient way to back up data of your iPhone. You just need to have the iTunes app installed on your computer and simply connect your iPhone to the computer.

How to recover data via iTunes:

  1. Connect your new iPhone device to your computer
  2. Run iTunes 
  3. Then, click on Restore from Backup. 
  4. Choose iPhone Name to restore. Note: it will only restore contacts, calendars, text messages, notes and settings but not the firmware.
  5. Click on Restore

The entire process may take a while depending on the number of data that needs to be restored.


There are some who prefers to back up their data from their iPhone using the iCloud instead of iTunes. For some it may be convenient since you don’t really need a computer to back up. You can simply use your iPhone and back it up on your iCloud, it’s as simple as that. Whatever method you choose to backup your data does not matter as long its functions are the same: Backup.

How to recover data via iCloud using another device:

  1. Go to Settings from the home screen
  2. Tap on General
  3. Then tap on Reset
  4. Next, tap on Erase all content and settings
  5. Set up your device once again, then tap on Restore.
  6. Select Recover from iCloud Backup Files
  7. Log into your iCloud account
  8. Select from backup in iCloud
  9. Recover your data

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