6 Best USB C To Lightning Cables For iPhone 11 Pro

Apple seems to be making a push in the direction of USB-C. The trend has been happening for a few years now, with Apple ever so slowly moving over,  first with its MacBook and MacBook Pro with USB-C only ports. Apple started further trending in the way of USB-C to Lightning with the iPad Pro now supporting USB-C, and most of Apple’s fast wall chargers now only supporting USB-C instead of USB-A.

At A Glance: USB C To Lightning Cables For iPhone 11 Pro

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With the way that Apple is moving right now, likely, the iPhone will also move to USB-C so that there’s universal cable support. Right now, the iPhone 11 Pro sits on lightning, which means that you’re going to need a USB-C to Lightning cable to charge the phone, as well as to sync with your Macbook.

With so many different options available,  USB-C to Lightning Cables are for the iPhone 11 Pro? Follow along below, and we’ll show you a handful that you cannot go wrong with for the iPhone 11 Pro. Let’s get started.



Spigen is another name that has an excellent reputation in the phone accessory industry. Spigen makes all sorts of awesome accessories for smartphones. They make exceptional cases, as well as cables like the USB-C to Lightning cable. That said, you cannot go wrong with the USB-C to Lightning cable for the iPhone 11 Pro, made by Spigen.

As you can imagine, a reputable accessory-maker like Spigen follows the Apple standard for USB-C to Lightning cables. So, if you’re worried about that “Accessory Not Supported” error form a third-party accessory, you’ll never see it — and that’s even guaranteed with the Apple MFi certification.

The Apple cable is made out of high-quality materials. Still, the option from Spigen is too, and it’s reinforced with their ultra-flex technology to withstand any bending. It’s been through rigorous testing as well to guarantee that. One of the things that we like about the Spigen cable is that it has two USB-C to Lightning cables in the package, so you have an extra for another charger, say, at work.



You can never go wrong with Apple’s very own USB-C to Lightning cable. For some of us, there is a lot of distrust when it comes to third-party cables since many of them don’t always work as intended. That’s why Apple’s cable is almost always a safe bet when it comes to charging and syncing with your laptop.

You will have no problem using Apple’s USB-C to Lightning cable with a 29 watt, 61 watts, or 87-watt USB-C power adapter to charge your iOS device. And this one isn’t just for the iPhone 11 Pro either — you can also take advantage of the fast-charging feature on the iPad Pro, as well as older iPhone models, like the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X. You’ll need to have that

If you’re getting it for your iPhone 11 Pro, you shouldn’t need a cable like this — that is, unless you’re looking for a spare or extra. That’s because this cable comes in the box. You can get this in either 1 meter or 2-meter sizes, depending on how much length you want. The longer length can be handy for situations where you might want to browse social media while charging.



Anker has been a giant in the phone accessory industry since the beginning. Their real creme of the crop comes down to power products, such as wall adapters, car chargers, and like we’re talking about here, cables.

Just like the Apple USB-C to a Lightning charger, you can use this one for 18-watt, 29-watt, 30-watt, 61-watt, or 87-watt USB-C power adapters. That said, you will be able to charge your iOS device quickly, and can even do so on older phone models like the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, X, XS, XR, and XS Max. You’ll have no problem even using this with the iPad Pro, too.

Anker bills this one as lasting twelve times longer than regular cables, and that’s because the company has put it through some rigorous testing. They have done up to 12,000 bends in strict laboratory tests, so, as you can imagine, you’re going to get some excellent use at home or work.

Where Anker stands outcomes right down to the warranty — they are so confident about the cable’s long-lasting performance that they gave it a hassle-free, lifetime warranty — swap it out at any point if anything is ever wrong.



Aukey’s USB-C to Lightning cable is essentially going to be the same as most of the other cables on our list. However, if you’re not a big fan of the other brands we have here today, Aukey is another one that you can at least rely on.

Just like the others out there, the USB-C to Lightning is going to provide you with a fast charge, so long as that you’re using the original Apple wall adapter, or another adapter that is MFi certified. This cable is also MFi certified, so you won’t get that dreaded “Accessory Not Supported” message either. And naturally, this isn’t exclusive for your iPhone 11 Pro, but you can use it as far back as the 2017 iPad Pro as well.

Data transfers can go up to as much as 480Mbps. Just like the one from Anker, Aukey’s cable is durable, made with high-quality braided nylon, and has been able to withstand some serious bend testing in their lab. You’re going to get well over 12,000 bends in real life quickly.

You’re going to get an excellent warranty with the iPhone 11 Pro as well — there are a whole 24 months here, where they give you a no-hassle warranty should you run into any problems.



The Xcentz USB-C to Lightning cable is another excellent option. Pretty much any cable is going to work with your iPhone 11 Pro, so long as it is MFi certified by Apple; however, this one is going to offer you some pretty quick charging speeds as well. It also is a lot more colorful and vibrant than other cables out there.

It’ll have no problem using the original Apple USB-C charger, but you can also use third-party adapters for a quick charge as well — you need to make sure that it’s Apple MFi certified and supports the right wattage. This cable should work with most 18W 29W, 30W, 61W, or 87W USB-C charging adapters.

Transferring large files around with the Xcentz is usually not much of a problem, either. Like many of the others that we’ve shown you today, the Xcentz USB-C to Lightning cabler can transfer data at a whopping speed of 480Mbps. Moving files around here is not an issue whatsoever.



And finally, we’re looking at the USB-C to Lightning cable from ESR. This one isn’t from a huge brand like Apple, Anker, or even Spigen, but it is Apple MFi certified. That said, it’ll work with all of your 18W 29W, 30W, 61W, or 87W USB-C wall chargers, again, so long as they are also either from Apple or are Apple MFi certified.

And because it is Apple MFi certified, you should have no problem charging from dead to 50% on an iPhone X in around 30 minutes on the wall charger. Charging times will vary since newer phones have larger batteries, and older phones have smaller batteries.

This one is also going to sync this one up with your Mac easily as well — you should still get around the 480Mbps data transfer speeds. So, transferring large files around should be no problem. The cool thing about this cable is that you can pretty much choose the length — you can get it in a short 0.6ft, 3.3ft, and up to 6.6ft. The longer options are usually better if you want to charge and browse your phone simultaneously.

USB-C to Lightning for cars

If you’re looking at also using these cables for charging in the car, these should work fine with your iPhone 11 Pro. Your biggest concern is probably going to be the type of car charger that you have in your car. First, you’ll want to make sure the car charger that you pick up is MFi certified, but also has that USB-C port for you to use.

Most car chargers today still use the old USB-A style, instead of the new USB-C, so you can’t just pick up any ‘ol car charger. You’ll need to make sure that it is USB-C to USB-A compatible.


Here we’ve shown you the best USB C to Lightning Cables for the iPhone 11 Pro. You can trust these cables to bring you a rapid charge or to transfer files or data from something like your MacBook to your iPhone 11 Pro, or the other way around.

It’s more important than ever to have a USB C to Lightning cable today because, for fast charging, this is essentially the only type of cable that can deliver that from, say, a 45-watt adapter. You’re not going to find that sort of fast charge on something with an older USB-A style cable.

As far as the “best” goes, you cannot go wrong with Apple’s own USB-C to Lightning Cable. You’re going to get plenty of accessory support here — i.e., you won’t run into that “Accessory Not Supported” error — and it’s going to last you a long time.

Do you have a favorite USB C to Lightning cable for the iPhone 11 Pro? Let us know what it is in the comments section below — we’d love to hear from our readers!

SpigenSpigen DuraSync USB C to Lightning Cable [2-Pack] [3ft MFi Certified]Check Price on Amazon
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XCENTZXcentz USB C to Lightning CableCheck Price on Amazon
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