New Features Of The Reminders App On macOS Catalina

Apple has finally released the final version of macOS Catalina. It was launched last October 7, 2019. As with any update on all Apple Devices by Apple Inc, it has added new features, app improvements and enhancements to bring their newest versions making Apple users more excited to try. The Reminders app is one of the highlights that the new macOS Catalina has to offer. It was not completely rebuilt on macOS Catalina, as well as with iOS 13. It is designed to be more functional than even before. 

For you to be able to enjoy and use the new features of the Reminders app, it is highly recommended to update your Mac first to the new macOS Catalina. That is making sure that your on macOS Catalina versions. Download the final version of macOS Catalina by doing these simple steps: 

  1. Check device compatibility: In case most of you are wondering why you cannot update to the latest version, simply because not all Mac models are able to run the software of the new macOS Catalina. Which means not all Mac models are compatible.  Below are the list of compatible Mac for macOS Catalina
  • MacBook Pro (mid 2012 onward)
  • MacBook Air (mid 2012 onward)
  • 12-inch MacBook (early 2015 onward)
  • iMac Pro (2017 onward)
  • iMac (late 2012 onward)
  • Mac Mini (late 2012 onward)
  • Mac Pro (late 2013 onward)

2. Backup device: to avoid losing those important files from your Mac, it is very important to back up those files before proceeding with the update. Sometimes it is very risky when there is a major update to happen. That is why when occurs should happen during the update process, your files will be protected and you can easily retrieve them thus files are kept safe.

3. Download macOS Catalina from the App Store: by the way, updating to macOS Catalina is free of charge. To download macOS Catalina, go to the App store on your Mac, search for macOS Catalina, click on the “Install” option to start your download process. 

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Revamp Design: the reminders app now has an all-new look and features that makes it easier to organize, create and helps you keep track of your reminders. 

Attachments: with Reminders app on macOS Catalina, you can now add attachments, scanned documents and photos to make it more useful and informative as well. You can also add web links related to your reminder that can take you to a particular website. 

Edit Buttons: you can now add dates, time, locations by the use of the new edit buttons on the new Reminders App. 

Smart Lists: aside from its new look and design, the new Reminders app are organized into four sections such as Today, Scheduled, All and Flagged. These lists are arranged in an easy-to-find view on a single list.

Appearance: the appearance of the new Reminders app can now be customized according to your personal preferences. You can choose among 12 beautiful colors and at least 60 expressive symbols to choose from to change the appearance of your lists. 

Typing Intelligence: with typing intelligence on the new Reminders app on macOS Catalina, sometimes there’s no longer the need to finish and create a more descriptive text and sentences as it can automatically understands what you are trying to type and it will also give suggestions on the possible word that you want to type. You can also suggest to Siri to create for you a reminder that can be found on your messages. 

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