iOS 13 Tips And Tricks: How To Add Favorites And Collections In Map

With Apple’s newly released update iOS 13, more advanced features and improvements are made available to apps. Apple Map in iOS 13 is even better with availability of more roads, buildings, beaches, and 3D structures but the more notable improvements are its new features making it more detailed with its turn-by-turn directions, up-to-date and more accurate than before. The difference between this feature in terms of their iOS versions is that with iOS 12, in order to keep track a location to get back and check out in a later time, you can simply pin it and then it can be added to Favorites. However though, with the new update iOS 13, you are able to add your Favorites places on the Favorite list and have the option to move everything else unto Collections for easier access.

What is Apple Map? Apple Map is a mapping service on the web by Apple Inc. A map system of iOS, MacOS, iPadOS and WatchOS providing specific direction as well as estimated time of arrival to your preferred destination either using an automobile, pedestrian and even with public transportation.

Apple’s update to iOS 13, a more useful feature with the iOS 13 Apple Map is its ability to marked locations as Favorites and Collections. Although features for Favorites and Collections are related in any way, they also have different functions. While the former provides a quick access using your device, the latter saves and collect group locations and that can be shared with others via Email, Airdrop, Messages, and can even be added to Reminders and Notes apps. Below is a step by step guide on iOS 13 how to add the map. 

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To add a Favorite:

  1. Go to Maps from the Home Screen.
  2. Tap on Search for a place or location, to locate your desired location
  3. Once you’ve determined your location, scroll down from the options and look for Add to Favorites, it has a star icon beside it. 
  4. Top and choose Add to Favorites.
  5. Once done, an option Remove from Favorites will also appear, do not tap it if you do not want it to be removed.
  6. Tap on Exit, looks like an X on the upper right portion.
  7. Your chosen Favorite location can be seen on the Favorite list on the main page of the app. 

You will also have the option to reorganize your lists of Favorites according to your personal preferences especially if you want your frequently visited places to be seen first on the main page of the app.

To add a location to Collections: 

  1. Go to Maps from the Home Screen.
  2. Scroll down from the list of options and look for Collections.
  3. Tap on Collections, then choose New Collection.
  4. Type in preferred Collection name, edit Collection name by tapping it again. 
  5. Tap on Create.
  6. A prompt will appear, Collection Created.
  7. To add a place on the Collection Name, tap on the Collection name and click Add a Place.
  8. Type the location on the Search for a place or address bar.
  9. Tap on the desired location to add to that specific Collection name
  10.  Tap Done.
  11. Repeat the process to create a new list on Collection.

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