7 Best MicroSD Memory Card For iPhone 7

Are you running out of storage on your iPhone 7? It seems to happen so easily — after downloading apps and collecting endless amounts of photos and videos, it seems to go away so quickly. Apple gives you the option of expanding that with iCloud Drive, but having to pay for digital storage every year can be expensive. So, you might be looking for something a little more permanent, and something where you can easily transfer files to another device.

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The best option for this is a microSD card. Apple doesn’t support microSD cards, but with an adapter, you can get your iPhone to use them. If your iPhone is getting too full, it’s a great way to transfer photos and video over to somewhere where you can keep them safe. Grab a microSD adapter here, and then follow along below to see the best microSD memory cards for the iPhone 7! Here are our top picks.


SanDisk Ultra 64GB

First up, we have the SanDisk Ultra 64GB memory card. SanDisk is a prolific maker in the area of storage products, and they make all sorts of great memory cards. The same goes for this one, providing you with 64GB of storage space for just a couple of dollars. Transfer speeds are relatively fast, sitting at a whopping 100MBps. SanDisk offers its Ultra option in almost any storage space format — whether you need just 8GB or something as large as 400GB, SanDisk will allow you to scale this memory card to meet your needs.

Buy on Amazon|$12.49(Price as of 10/21/2019 17:49 ET)


Samsung 64GB High Speed Memory Card

Samsugn seems to have its hands in almost every industry, and that goes for storage products as well. Samsung offers the EVO Select as one of its cheaper memory card offerings, but it’s still an impressive set. This particular one comes with a whole 64GB of storage space, offering you transfer speeds of up to 100MB per second. That enables you to transfer your files from your iPhone 7 to this card relatively fast. It has various protections built into it as well — the EVO Select is temperature proof, shockproof, and even dust proof. Samsung says this card is most optimal for 4K recordings, and actually throws in a 10-year warranty with your purchase.

Buy on Amazon|$11.99(Price as of 10/21/2019 17:49 ET)

Kingston Canvas Select

If you’re looking for a microSD card that you can rely on for high-definition video and detailed photos, look no further than the Canvas Select by Kingston. This one comes with a microSD card and SD adapter so that you can also use it for photos and video in a real DSLR camera.

The capacity varies, starting as low as 16GB, but giving you configurations options all the way up to 256GB. That said, you’ll get plenty of space for large photo libraries and videos. Canvas Select is ideal for high-definition video — Kingston doesn’t say anything about 4K, but should still work fine.

Samsung PRO Endurance

Samsung seems to have its hands in just about every electronic industry. Even so, they craft some excellent microSD cards for phones and cameras alike.

That said, the Samsung PRO Endurance has reliability that you can depend on for life. It’s actually resistant with waterproofing, shock proofing, temperature proofing, and even resistance against magnetics and radiation emitted through x-rays.

It supports storage sizes up to 128GB, and handles 4K and Full HD video with 100MB write speeds.


Silicon Power 32GB High Speed Memory Card

The Silicon Power memory cards are one of the cheaper options currently available on the market, but it’s still an excellent product. This one in particular gets you 32GB of storage space and high speed transfer rates. With this particular one, you should easily be able to house 12,000 photos or seven hours of straight high definition video recording. Actual transfer speeds do depend on the host device and capacity that you choose to pick up, but in general, you’re looking at getting around 60-100MB per second. Not bad speeds, but they aren’t the most optimal for 4K video.


SanDisk Ultra 32GB microSDHC

Next up, we have the SanDisk Ultra 32GB microSDHC memory card. This one is similar to the SanDisk Ultra that we mentioned earlier with just a couple of different. It’s designed to be a little cheaper, has a smaller storage capacity, and a slightly smaller transfer speed rate. You’re looking at around 80MB per second transfer rates, which is great for moving massive photo and video libraries over to an external storage solution. This particular one is water proof, shock proof, temperature proof, and magnetic proof. It comes with a SD card adapter so you can use it in SD card applications as well.

Buy on Amazon|$7.77(Price as of 10/21/2019 17:49 ET)


Samsung 256GB EVO Plus microSDXC Adapter

Last, but certainly not least on our list is the Samsung 256GB EVO Plus microSDXC adapter. This is one of Samsung’s higher end offerings in memory card solutions, obviously giving you a whole 256GB of space. You still get transfer speeds of about 100MBps, but one of the neat things about this one is that you can actually get write speeds out of this up to 90MB per second. An SD adapter comes in the package, and this whole unit is water proof, shock proof, temperature proof, and even magnetic proof. You shouldn’t have problems using this one in 4K applications either.

Buy on Amazon|$37.55(Price as of 10/21/2019 17:49 ET)


As you can see, there are a lot of excellent memory cards available for the iPhone 7. It doesn’t really mater which one you pick, as this is going to be strictly a way to move files off of your iPhone 7 since there isn’t native microSD card support. Remember, you do have to pick up that microSD card adapter in order to use this with your iPhone 7.