5 Best Audio Volume Booster Apps For iPhone in 2019

Are you tired of endlessly surfing the internet for only a halfway decent sound booster? Today, we’re sharing with you the best audio volume booster apps for iOS that actually work, so you can take guessing out of it, and enjoy your party or commute all that much more.


Equalizer+ not only boosts your sound but also lets you mix your sound to have more bass, less punch, and so on. This app lets you access all your music from iTunes, Google Drive, and Dropbox, so you can equalize any of your music at any time, whether offline or online.

With Equalizer+, you’ll have 7-band equalizing, and more than 10 pre-made presets for any music genre. Equalizer+ also has a sleep timer, so you can listen while you fall asleep then it shuts off after the timer ends in order to save battery.

This app also lets you pre-set all the songs you want to listen to with it’s queue system, so you can listen to all the music you want to, in the exact order that you want to. In Equalizer+, you can decide whether you want to repeat one song or even a whole playlist, so you won’t have to constantly select songs you wish to listen to.


In KaiserTone you can listen to your music in 768kHz/32bits with more than 64000 frequency bands, ensuring you get the highest quality sound. KaiserTone is also compatible with every iPhone or iPad that has been released within the last 4 – 5 years, so whether you have an old iPhone 6 or a brand new iPhone XS, you’ll be covered with this app.

This app also lets you decide on the left/right balance, gain level, and fine volume, so no matter how you want to customize your sound, KaiserTone features all the latest equalizing options!

Not only can you play and equalize music, but you also get to customize this app by adding your own personal touch. KraiserTone also features a handy fadeout timer to add a touch of realism to each of your songs.

MyuRa HiRes

MyuRa also makes use of more than 64000 frequency bands, and can play music off your Spotify Premium account, so you can equalize all of your favorite music, even if it’s not downloaded.

This app will automatically equalize your sound quality whether you choose to listen through headphones or stereo, and based on what you’re listening with, it will automatically adjust the sound quality for the best listening possible each time.

This app has more than 5 different frequency band ranges for you to try out, which can make some creative effects. MyuRa HiRes also features a gridview to make finding your music easy and fluid which is great, as most apps don’t have this feature.


The ONKYO features a precise frequency equalizer that has access to more than 16000 frequencies without losing out on sound quality. This app also displays beautiful artwork with your music, so it’s not as bland as some music/audio boosters.

So this app not only enhances your sound, but also lets you play music right from the app. ONKYO also comes with an autosampler, auto HD equalizer, and a crossfade playback option that gives a nice flare to your music listening.

This app also lets you create and play your playlists, offering plenty of diversity in your lineup.

Boom Music

Boom Music comes with 16 frequency bands, which you can customize to your taste. It creates a virtual, 360-degree surround-sound atmosphere, transforming a simple streamed song nearly into a concert, minus the crowd.

This app also lets you stream Spotify through it, so you can enhance any music you have access to. Boom also comes with a comfortable low-light design, so you’ll be able to use it during the night without too much eye strain.

And if full 3D surround-sound isn’t your thing, you can easily turn it off and try out all kinds of the other equalizing options this app has to offer.


There are so many sound boosters out there that it can be hard to decide on the one you want. But these apps don’t only boost your sound— they also let you equalize your music so you can get the most out of each song you play. We hope this list helped you decide on one that works for you!